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Final Project Plan-Ford

I have not been able to access Schoology this weekend for some reason so I am going to try to remember what I currently have in my module.  Hopefully I can get in tomorrow and I will update my plan if I need to add anything.  At this point, I feel that my module is nearly complete.  Keep in mind that I have set it up to reteach and reiterate learned knowledge of goods and services for six year old, special ed. students.  I want to add either an online or paper/pencil assessment and possibly another video.  I definitely plan on using it with my students over several days to add to the teaching in the general ed. classroom.  I’m thinking that most of my students can navigate through it without much assistance but I will be close by to assess how they’re doing and what support I can give.  I’m not sure what sort of feedback I would like from classmates or professor, as I’m thinking my module isn’t like any that I’ve viewed but is appropriate for my students.  However, I am always open to feedback and may be completely missing the boat on this!  This class has been tremendously difficult for me on a few levels but I now feel that I’ve learned a lot and stretched my brain, which is always a great thing!  No Pain, No Gain …….