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MOOCs- Ford

MOOCS appear very different than what we’ve been learning about during this course.  They are an online avenue for learning but do not possess the same components as the online teaching methods we’ve been introduced to.  They are open to unlimited numbers of students and have very little to no teacher-student interaction.  I have learned that for a student to be successful in online learning there needs to be some interaction with a teacher and feedback is given to motivate and keep the student participating and engaged.  There is definitely more possibility for misinterpreted information in MOOCS due to the student to student interactions without feedback or input from a teacher.  I see a benefit of MOOCS being to gain knowledge without the financial cost or accountability. I am amazed at the percentages given in the readings of students dropping out prior to completing in the entire course!  It would be difficult to connect, I feel, in this style of learning.

It is difficult to say if MOOCS have a place in K12 online learning as I don’t want to discount anything that could potentially aid in the learning process of each student.  I don’t see them being utilized with the age and population of students I work with.  However, I think they could be structured in a way that high school students could review a topic, practice certain skills and then exit when they choose.

My module as it is could not be transformed into a MOOC.  It definitely requires close interaction between the teacher and the students and is a hybrid model.  However, it does have a component of review and practice that students can access over a period of time and engage with it as long as they desire.  Again my students are 5 and 6 year olds and need prompting/direction for most academic tasks they face.