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Final Reflection- Ford

This course seemed so much more than an introduction to me!  I must admit though that I have always steered away from technology because for one it intimidates me and two, I didn’t realize just what was out there for my special needs population.   Initially this course did the same.  However, after being reassured by classmates and the professor, I dove in and gave it my best effort.  I have learned so much about virtual teaching and virtual learning.  I enjoyed the flow of the class and the strategies used for interacting with the materials and classmates.  It may have been more helpful for me to be linked with classmates that also worked with young students as it was difficult to relate to and comment on blogs dealing with high schoolers in specific subjects.  I did connect with others that were more matched with what I do midway through and it was helpful and easier to follow.   I did not use a few early sites that we joined such as Twitter and Feedly as I probably should have.  I think that the biggest change I’ll make is that I’ll be quicker to explore possibilities of technology that could potentially enhance the learning of my students.  My confidence is also much greater now that I can research, report, and utilize different avenues of technology with more assurance.  Thank you to everyone who supported me through and especially to our professor who demonstrated all the roles of a great on-line educator by encouraging me, providing viable feedback and always being available!  Peace