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SRL Reflections-Ford

I enjoyed our readings about SRL this week.  As a parent of four young adults first and an educator second, I think SRL is what projects a person into a successful, productive life!  It is amazing how this is portrayed in each of my children and how they are developing based on their SRL.  As an educator of very young students, I see how vital it is to set them up with their confidence in learning and begin to work on the Forethought Phase.  My task is to build these students up so they begin to realize what it feels like to succeed in learning and what part they play in that.  First graders are not thinking long term goals.  It’s hard to get them to think past lunch…..  So, with that, I’m not sure how many of the processes of SRL I will employ in face to face much less virtual teaching.  I do and will constantly be working on Attention focusing in the Performance Phase!  I think my students will increase attention to the computer based instruction more than ftf when it comes to interacting with the sorting games; because just sitting in front of the computer with headphones on automatically cuts down outside distractions and gives them a point of focus.  They will get immediate feedback as to their choices which then projects them forward.

Teachers can help young students start learning to self-regulate by presenting choices and then having conversations about the outcomes of those choices, which helps them to become active in their own learning.  Kindergarten and first grade teachers probably spend over half of the day with students reflecting on choices for learning and whether to continue with the choices or choose differently for a different outcome.  Again, I don’t see this being done through online instruction at this age.  One of the studies noted that certain aspects of SRL, particularly metacognitive knowledge and skills generally improve as students get older.  Acquisition of general SRL competence requires suitable teaching and practice.

I have two questions to pose to the group.  First, at what age or grade do you start seeing the acquisition of SRL and the skills being utilized? Second, how is it possible to set up flexible, student-centered environments in this age of common core and assessments?!