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New Project Idea

I have decided to change the topic of my project to the first grade standard of learning 1.7 which is; Students will explain difference between goods and services and describe how people are consumers and producers of goods and services.  In searching videos and activities that are available online, it seems possible to create a module that is interactive and engaging for most six year old students.  They will be more motivated to learn by the computer materials than by paper/pencil activities that are presented to them.  They will gain visuals by utilizing the computer that may help to remember the concepts and perform better on the assessments.  I am planning on using schoology as the host to this module.  It will probably be a hybrid of online and ftf.  I’m thinking that I will create an assessment once I see what information is taught through the module but I also will be observing  the students using it and gauge their understanding through the interactive activities.  I have no idea at this point, what the timeframe will be.  At this age, and with the population of students I work with; I’m thinking that it will be a module consisting of several interactive activities that the students can visit repeatedly.  First grade students often are confused about the differences between good/service and consumer/producer because the concepts are a bit  abstract.  So, my goal is to present the material in a colorful, interactive way to make the student reach an understanding.