God, everything is so freaking scary right now….

Its Halloween time and everything is really scary. I feel as though I do nothing but whine on these reflections, and perhaps that’s the case, but when I look back on my weeks and the weeks coming up, I find myself filled with the kind of dread that far surpasses even my favorite horror movies. I suppose with that in mind, I might as well take this time to also talk about my some of my favorite dread-inducing scenes in some of my favorite movies.

I think the first scary movie that I ever loved was The Shining. I’m not quite sure what it was about it, but I ate that movie up like it was my job. It was at that perfect time when I was just starting to get into movies that I first watched it and it still remains one of my favorites, despite being slightly tainted by far too many viewings. Man, that scene with the guy in the bear costume still puts me on edge though. I love that moment especially because that is when the film finally leaps over the edge from spooky to totally surreal.

The first time that I watched The Babadook, I had to take several breaks to keep my poor heart from exploding in my chest. That creature still haunts me for some reason and I really think it has to do with its exploitation of our own childhood fears. Everyone has read a book or watched a movie that was a little bit too scary as a child and had to face up to every shadow and hanging coat looking like the most horrible creature imaginable. In the case of The Babadook, the horrible creature really is horrible and that is the scariest part.

Although not necessarily a horror movie, Lynch’s Mulholland Drive contains one of the scariest and most nerve-wracking scenes that I have ever seen. Watch for yourself to see what I mean.

Its just the perfect horror scene in every way and I love it so much.

In more class-related news, I re-watched Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women, and once again, it is completely fantastic. You just can’t help but fall completely in love with everyone involved and each and every frame is so packed with love and care that you just have to adore the film. It may not be a Christmas movie, but I am certainly treating it like one.



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I honestly agree with you I feel like I definitely complain on this website a lot but that’s only because I’m really stressed and I have a lot going on. I think it’s nice out we have a platform to just talk about our feelings and just be informal with everything. I definitely liked that our professor picked this kind of platform because were able to get to know each other better on top of learning new things.

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