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As a learner, I have only had experience¬†with LMS as a high school and college student. During high school, I was able to access my grades, as well as my parents, in Edmodo. This was only used to communicate grades, not as an interactive platform. I enjoyed having this resource to evaluate my grades because I was able to have a quick turn around, and would know what I need to work harder on. This helped me maintain high grades. ¬†I do envision using this in my future classroom. I imagine I will like being able to easily communicate to parents and allow for them to be involved with their child’s education. This will also allow me to assign homework for them to complete online. I think the system will make things easier for everyone involved with the student’s education.

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  1. I always think about ease of access, while it is great parents can quickly look at grades, I always found it stressful when I may have been late in entering my grades and would receive emails from parents, administrators, etc. notifying me I had not done my grades.

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