James Fortune

I am James Fortune, this is my 38th year in the field of education, and I currently teach 6th grade technology at Pocahontas Middle School in Powhatan County.  Much of my free time is spent shuttling two of my three children to and from their extracurricular activities. Otherwise I can be found working in the yard, cleaning the pool or fixing up something around the house.  This is my first online class and I look forward to the opportunities this class may open for me and what new information I can pass on to my students.

While reading this week’s assignment, I discovered a wealth of new information and was surprised that eLearning has been around for as long as it has with the high number of students enrolled in online courses.  I can see the opportunities online teaching provides and hope that it never replaces the traditional classroom.  For I feel that the most learning occurs from the personal relationships between student and teacher.

Blogs have been used with my students and is part of the technology curriculum.  I have found this method to be a good tool in helping to teach “tweens” about Digital Citizenship and other social topics. Twitter is new to me even though I seen it used by my children and colleagues.  I look forward to discovering whether or not “tweeting” has an educational component.

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