Generations – “Trends” in online learning?

As I read Mr. Downes’ article “E-Learning Generations” my mind would unconsciously replace the word generation with fad, trend, bandwagon.  I  guess my years of experience have led me to think that each “new” thing is something that will last for awhile and then fade into the sunset when the next “bandwagon” comes along.  In my 38 years, I have ridden many a “wagon” through its existence.

E-Learning is certainly not a fad or trend, yet a tool, I think is here to stay and will continue to grow.  Until reading this article I had no idea it had been around as long as it has been a part of the educational system.  Like most things in life, E-Learning has evolved, through “generations” into the blogs, posts and communications we are involved in taking this class.  Through this evaluation, as described in the article, I see an attempt to reduce the autonomy in each new generation.  In each phase I see more opportunities for relationship building, an important aspect in the learning process.

Will this continue?  What is in store for the next “generation” of learners?

One thought on “Generations – “Trends” in online learning?”

  1. Yeah, I agree, often technologies get implemented before we really understand their benefits, if there are any. School divisions like to show that they are cutting edge.

    I also think that some technologies have really changed not only how we teach, but what we teach. Microscopes for example literally changed how and what we teach in science. Personal computers have allowed us to “see” things we couldnt “see” before., and I think online learning has provided us with opportunities that didn’t exist before.

    So it is really about evaluating these tools, and finding problems they can address.

    I am not sure I agree though that the progression we have seen in online learning reduces autonomy. Can you expand on that?

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