I tend to be extremely introverted when interacting with people that I don’t know. I consider myself to be a behind the scenes kind of guy who only wants to make sure things are flowing for everyone to be successful. The first day of my journey towards my Ed.D. was very nervous for me.  On the inside I felt very uneasy, I was afraid, I was worried about the unknown, and worried to meet new people. With all those feelings taking over, who would have thought that would have been declared the Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion for the 2022 Learning Cohort. That declaration led right into group breakouts. That high was perfect for me to flow into the dynamics of our group work. The group I was assigned to was absolutely perfect. The group was comprised of : two males, two females, and two K-12 professionals. More specifically,  two members are higher ed professionals, two members work for large organizations, and the other two members work for small organization. The group had a racially diverse composition. With my recent victory in rock, paper, scissors, I felt that my group members looked for my response to questions asked. When working together we all were willing to share and approached each situation based on our current leadership positions within our professions. Each member of the group shared his or her voice with confidence. As the level of questions and scenarios that were presented to the room increased in rigor, the group members were able to agree with one another, but were also able to professionally disagree. Three of the four of us in the group approached the scenarios strong head on, while one member took a little more time to think and process before responding. This first experience was very intriguing. I felt my mind open to the processes and lenses that my higher ed colleagues use on a daily basis. This first step towards my journey definitely made me want to continue my push to develop as a leader.

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