Key factors must be in place for teams to be functional and to work to their optimal potential. In groups, we often do not analyze the exact reasons why success is not obtained and why progress is not being met. Dysfunctional teams tend to spin in circles and struggle to complete any goals that might be put in place. Functional teams work in cohesive units to complete tasks that are directly related to a purpose or a mission. The deacon’s ministry of my church meets monthly with a standard agenda. The agenda usually consist of three or four bullets, but never a bullet on growth and outreach. Often in conversations with the pastor and the deacons, the pastor brings up growth and strategies the team can use to move in the direction of growing and increasing in number. Kahn says it is vital to figure out why your team exists and how to accomplish it (Kahn, 2009). Having that understanding means that the team has a clear mission for the direction of which the team needs to move and goals for accomplishing the mission. For the team of deacons be become a successful, cohesive unit, it is time that the mission is clearly stated so that it can be met and progress can be seen in the group.
In the monthly deacon’s meetings, several of the members often sit back and wait for others to volunteer to lead tasks. When the pastor asks for feedback the same deacons that do not tend to volunteer for tasks tend not to provide feedback; they usually wait on others to respond. Kahn suggests that teams must learn to be teams as they work through their experiences (Kahn, 2009). Relationships are also vital to the success of teams. To be a successful team, the members of the deacon’s ministry must learn how to be a cohesive team. Reaching a level of cohesiveness means stepping up to the plate and volunteering and sharing voice. A goal for the deacon’s ministry should be all members sharing their equal voice and sharing responsibilities equally among the group.
When moving forward with the team, I see the need for a clear mission and goals to be established with an agenda fashioned to meet the mission. I see the need for leaders to have defined roles and everyone to be willing to share their voices. When this happens, it will be the hope that members of the team will then step up to the plate and be open-minded with a growth mindset.


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