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Can We All Just Get Along?

Shock and confusion were the first feelings that I felt when I received my results from the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI). I immediately knew that these results did not address the preference in which I manage conflict. I quickly… Continue Reading →

How to Move Forward

Key factors must be in place for teams to be functional and to work to their optimal potential. In groups, we often do not analyze the exact reasons why success is not obtained and why progress is not being met…. Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Scared…

Dysfunction can be a significant hurdle to teams not moving forward with their goals. During the last year and a half, monthly deacon’s meetings have been a bit dysfunctional. Decisions on major projects have not been made, leadership from some… Continue Reading →

Too Many Introverts…

At the age of 29, I was selected to become a deacon in the small rural African American Baptist church that I attend. This position is held in high regard in the church community as deacons are tasked with being… Continue Reading →

The Champ

I tend to be extremely introverted when interacting with people that I don’t know. I consider myself to be a behind the scenes kind of guy who only wants to make sure things are flowing for everyone to be successful…. Continue Reading →

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