It’s was good getting to know you all throughout the course.  Best of luck on the final project and in the rest of your courses!  It was an honor “working” with each of you. Jon… Read More

Open Electronic Textbooks   Thoughts on the course – I was pretty indifferent going into this course.  I took it simply to satisfy 3 of my 6 credit English requirements for pharmacy school.  I assumed there would be a generous amount of reading and writing involved, but didn’t really think I’d get much out of it.  What… Read More

Persuasion Map I am still satisfied with my persuasion map.  I will not be uploading a new one at this time.  Although it is not perfect, my claims and sub-claims are general enough to allow me some latitude in writing while specific enough to give my project direction. Annotated Bibliography “Open Textbooks: The Current State of… Read More

I have chosen to use as the platform to publish my project.  The Medium format is very intuitive, where you can search popular tags and even connect to your Twitter account.  Although I’m a new user to Twitter and have little experience with it, the interactivity is a nice feature.  The main page allows you… Read More

Chen, Ya-Ling, Sitong Fan, and Zhongyuan He. Exploratory Research: The Effects of Electronic Books on College Students. N.p., 1 Dec. 2012. Web. 8 Nov. 2015.  – This paper was written by three graduate students at Johnson & Wales University.  It outlines research they conducted in reference to e-textbook usage at the higher ed level.  The focus is… Read More

Synthesis 3 – Morgan Synthesis 3 – Madeleine Synthesis 3 – Michelle All three of these students seem to be developing their inquiry projects well.  This course’s design and implementation naturally steer us towards working on our project, so its fitting that projects are developing as long as the student is participating.  With that said, some… Read More

Open textbooks are catching on among educators and institutions looking to save students money. A 2014 study by The Student Public Interest Research Groups, which advocates for open textbooks, found that textbook costs are deterring students from purchasing assigned materials and impacting their course selection — and schools are starting to take notice. Although this short passage seemingly… Read More

In recent years, more and more students are using electronic tools to study because it is much more convenient and effective for them to fulfill the coursework requirements by reading and writing online. By giving students and researchers access to large e-book collections, they are given access to a valuable database of content (Velde &… Read More

What a challenging assignment.  I liked the idea of linking the thoughts of different dreamers together, to engage them in conversation.  For me, it has been relatively easy to see the “conversations” throughout all the articles, however, being able to express those conversation in one document was a little challenging.  The mind map took much… Read More