Ethnographic Observation

What is unique about this experiment is that it really allows you observe humans and society. It really allows you to see how, why people behave the way they do. Its different than typical note taking because its allowing you to see human behavior in the purest form. No one knows that your taking notes on them, or observing them. So everything you see is real and happening how they do things. Almost like the walking experience we did in class. Everyone has a little bit slightly different take on how people walk. It is the little things people can pick up on when observing. I believe the challenges in this is just knowing where people will be. Or if they know they are being watched then it changes everything. For example in the walking exercise in class, people were more self conscious of how they walked because they knew people were focusing on it. That’s a big challenge. So the key would to let no one know and be very discrete about how you study them. Don’t make things awkward or weird. Just go to like a Starbucks or the library and just focus on how people interact. It just makes me more aware of the fact that i need to go somewhere where it’s usual for people to sit around and type on a computer or write on a notebook. Not like in the middle of Walmart because that would be super weird.

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