Experiential Perspective

According to Tuan, experience is a form of learning for many reasons. They call it experiential learning when you learn something through the process of experience. Like when in class and you do a project. That is hands on learning which is learning through experience.  Tuan says its the best form of learning in this reading. In which I can agree to what he says. For example, a child knows that when he kicks a wall he will be hurt. But when he will learn when actually kicks it and gets hurt. The pain is the mistake that will teach him right from wrong. You can only learn from so much about being told how things function vs being able to see how they work with a demonstration. You can learn more from doing then being told how it works. Also Tuan describes a variety of experiential perspectives relating to our five senses. When we actively pay attention to those experiential perspectives I believe we are able to perceive a lot more. In our everyday lives, we are so used to sensing the same things day in and day out. For example, your brain can trick your eyes into not seeing your nose but when you pay attention to your nose you can see it. That’s kinda how i feel like this works. If you pay more attention to your senses, you’ll be able to sense a whole lot more. Which cool because the human brain blocks out a lot more than we would think.

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