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My trails first suggest that my brain is drawn to the world of live music entertainment. Without knowing a single aspect about my personal life, this list undoubtedly expresses that  I myself am a music fan if not a musician myself. It also shows how the web is set up for consumerism. When visiting songkick,  I find a band that I like that’s playing in the Richmond area and from there can head over the venue website, which happened to be the National. Once on the National’s website, I find the show I am interested in (Jake Bugg’s show in this case) and click the sidebar for a ticket purchase. It’s that simple. This associative trail doesn’t necessarily express a solid relation to Vannevar Bush’s essay, but the aftermath from attending the show will. While at the show people will be taking photographs from the element of disposable cameras up to the scale of high-end paparazzi cameras in order to store this aspect of life just as Bush stated.

Jake Bugg music :

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  1. Whoa – when I began reading your trail, I was curious where you were going beyond music, but then your last statement about the memories and photographs and experiences generated from the show, that struck me. Also, my twin brother once made a mixed CD containing the musical splendour of Cake, and appropriately named it “Cake Mix” (reminded by your title of course which I found to cleverly connect music to the main assignment title).

  2. I am a live music fan as well but had not seen the songkick site before, awesome! This is a great idea for a site to list shows by area. There are usually so many going on it is often hard to keep up. I know I have missed a handful of Lotus shows at The National myself. This site is considered a useful record in Dr Vannevar Bush’s criteria. It can be continuously extended, stored and consulted.
    If you have the time, check out my dear friend Dan’s band I found on the Songkick site:

    Here is some of their music:

    P.s. Cake rules.

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