Thoughts on Thinking

      Whenever I delve into the process of deep thinking, I tend to find myself in that zone for the remainder of the day. Everything seems to look different and feel different. Once a deep thought has been planted in my mind, I tend to apply whatever I’m thinking about to all aspects of my life and try to find some relation to the two. Aside from that aspect of deep thinking, I also tend to feel stressed at times when I center my focus on only thinking because I find my head filled with things I need to complete, my financial status, and how on Earth I’m going to pay rent, school bills, and eat for the next month. I think more things should be priced as well as Raman noodles…

One thought on “Thoughts on Thinking”

  1. Your observation that deep thoughts yield continual deep thinking for the rest of the day; that intrigues me because I can’t help but agree with you. Lazy days of little meaningful cognition are far less memorable and significant than ones where profound thought occurs, which has a tremor-like quality to it often times, wherein you reminisce and further analyze whatever illusion breaking conclusion was experienced. Thank you

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