Weekly Digest

The first week of this class was a bit hectic for me. I’ve never taken an online class, but decided this would be a good summer to give it a go, but unfortunately didn’t have wifi until this weekend. So, the first week of the class for me was cluttered into a matter of two days, but now I feel fully submerged into the educationally functional department of my brain rather than the summer lull. I enjoy writing a great deal and look forward to expressing that throughout this course.

I love the assignments so far. Right down to the nuggets! I think it’s an extremely innovative and interesting way to approach an online class. The use of peer communication via many websites all syndicated to one course I feel will lead to a bottomless exploration of opinions and innovation. I’m very excited to see if I will continue to enjoy the construction of this class down to the final eighth week.

I think this class is a great way to get students tapped into their creative and expressive side, while simultaneously generating ideas and inquiries that can apply in a real world situation. This class will prepare me to be an above efficient expresser I do believe. Right now I’m excited to keep driving down this UNIV 200 road and see where my brain travels!

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