Nugget #2 Man-Computer Symbiosis

The process behind producing a final result does always feel longer by a great magnitude. Even writing this nugget applies to this idea. I read the essay, picked out an excerpt, thought about how I would make it special and applicable to my life. and now I am entering the final stage of actually producing the readable nugget. I suspect it will take people about 10 minutes or less to read and comprehend this blog post, but it took me over an hour to actually produce it.

Computers have reduced the timespan from idea to product by some degree, but I do not believe any piece of technology will fully diminish the effort stage of producing work. Research will always have to be researched and delved into deeply for a great understanding. Things such as spark notes help with the time of comprehension, but even though it cuts back a little bit of time, there is still time put into it making it false to say there was no time nor work between thought and product. I could endlessly name devices that cut back on this vortex sucker of time, but the fact that some degree of time no matter how minute it is will always be present.

Robots were heavily on my mind while reading this passage. They really are the symbiosis of man and computer. However, if I remember correctly from ┬ámy science class to be involved in a symbiotic relationship, two organisms must be present. ORGANISMS, meaning lifeforms. Computers are not living breathing organisms…yet at least. No matter how personalized it is or voices that speak to you from these devices seem real, the computer is still not an organism. So, I do not believe a man-computer symbiosis is possible just based merely upon technical definition.

A concept from “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” by Philip K. Dick that popped into my mind when reading this was the mood organ. A machine makes a human feel a certain way which to me is kind of a synthesizing theory of a machine and mankind.


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