Formulated vs. Formulative….Food?

Nighttime is dark

Man cannot fly

Concrete is hard

Cats have fur

Cars move

Food is edible


Food is edible

Food IS edible

But why?


I started this blog post with a seemingly simple question, “why is food edible?”. So, being a member of the digital age, I decided to type that seemingly obvious question into Google to see what I could find. To falsify my prediction, a very interesting result, the first result, claimed there is now a 3D printer that can create edible food. My simplistic question just got a whole lot more complex. If a printer can create food, how is that edible?


The 3D food printer turned out to be a little less exciting than what I was expecting. You have to load it with raw food you want to be shaped and printed, it doesn’t actually create food on it’s own processor system. It’s still pretty cool though. One of the scientists in charge of the food printer stated, “It’s really going to be the next stage of the digital revolution.” That quote reminded me a lot of this course and how it’s revolutionizing a classroom and thinking pattern into a digital submersion.


From there I decided to search what are the criteria upon which edibility resides in food. This got me more specific answers than just asking why food was edible. The site I used fir this information gave the clear and concise description that food is digestible nutritional bits that are not poisonous to those of which consume them. Well, why are some things poisonous to humans and not others? I know genetics and all that, but it’s still a cool concept to ponder on why some things are geared with different genetics.


This one simple question of food’s edibility ended up sending me all the way to the deep theoretical concepts of human genetics meaning. I have to admit when I first read this prompt I was a little worried on how I would be able to write about it with something interesting, but it turns out I discovered one of the most enlightening things I’ve heard of for quite some time with the idea of a 3D food printer.

2 thoughts on “Formulated vs. Formulative….Food?”

  1. This is a really cool post. For some reason, it makes me ponder what would happen if not only computers evolved to create food, but people evolved to be able to digest new matter as a food source. What would it be? And is it possible it could be something computers could create? Food for thought. (No pun intended)

  2. I agree with Aramini that the idea of a 3-D food printer is pretty cool. I have always been intrigued by 3-D printers that use plastic to create precisely shaped objects. I had not considered that this same ability could be designed into a machine that uses foods to create it’s end product.

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