Weekly Digest #2

This week allowed me to find conceptual ideas within a seemingly simplistic inquiry. I enjoy how this class has allowed me to broaden my thinking into a deeper realm on which to explore further into theories.  After reading everyone’s nuggets from this week, I am extremely impressed with how innovative and inquisitive members of this course are.


One blog post I really enjoyed reading was this one: http://rampages.us/aramini/2014/06/20/nugget-2-man-computer-symbiosis-2/ because of the author’s non-conventional take on technology. Most people are craving this digital revolution and cannot await the newest products on the line. However as expressed in this blog, the idea of a more futuristic in the sense of technological advances does not sit well with the author. I have to agree because I feel that the more fixated we are in technology, the more distant we become with reality which could ultimately lead to human existence being irrelevant if machines can function for the world’s needs.


Further branching onto that, I had disapproval of the idea of symbiosis around man and computer. Expressed in my blog post http://rampages.us/gaileydm/wp-admin/post.php?post=19&action=edit symbiosis must be between to living things. This is one of those key things of the UNIV 200 course that has made me branch into the deeper realm of thinking.


Sometimes when I first read these assignments I am extremely weary on how I will go about completing them because they seem so simplistic yet incredibly complex when it comes to analyzing the ideas behind the nugget essays and concept experiences. I am in agreement with the author in the blog: http://rampages.us/nirali/2014/06/20/concept-experience-2/ with that when assigned with a task to come up with painfully simple questions, the portion of your brain that normally runs through various random ideas seems to get all jammed and confused. However I enjoy this because it’s almost as if I can feel my brain working and expanding to capture the assignment at hand.


Overall, I enjoyed this week’s course work. My favorite blog post was indubitably Anisa’s http://rampages.us/anisakannan/2014/06/17/nugget-2b-man-computer-symbiosis/ . Her way of involving something that is very popular on multimedia websites world round, cats, brought many angles of the course into a well produced product. I’m exciting to keep digitally investigating with you guys!



Elle Gailz

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