Concept #3 Comments and Links

When I first started this I didn’t think there was any possible way for the sentences to actually form a comprehendible piece of work. However, I was wrong! My blog post seemed to flow swimmingly! Of course there were one or two sentences that didn’t completely formulate a clear and concise idea, but overall I believe most of the blog posts including mine that I read gave a general understanding to the reader. This class is really getting me to expand my ways of thinking and writing.

The first paragraph of Almamhouda’s blog was one I really enjoyed and agreed with in particular.

I read many interesting things from the blogs, and a large percentage of them seemed to flow with the same general concept of man and computer living as one. I guess that is because most of our assignment thus far have focused on the formation of opinions on that matter. Before this class I thought that mankind relied heavily on the use of technology, mainly computers, but had never fully expressed an interest or had knowledge of the idea that man and computer could one day if not in the near future be living in a symbiotic relationship.

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