Progress and Research Reflection

Each week of this class brings new surprises to me. I am starting to utilize concepts and ideas from this class into my life unplugged from the digital world. As it turns out though, much of what I thought that digitally untouched world was actually does involve a bit of technology however minute it may be. For example, I travel a bit with my job and thought of that to be something that didn’t involve a heavy load of computer use. This week however I was traveling to places I had not yet been and was in need of a GPS system. I’ll admit it, I know how to read a map, but it’s so much easier and convenient to just type in a location and go! So, my traveling was aided by a computer which made me feel a bit defeated. So, not only was I traveling in a place unknown, but my brain too was starting to realize the unrecognized notion that I do indeed rely more heavily on computers than what I was originally aware.

I had given a bit of thought to my research project prior to the announcement of the proposal deadline, but hadn’t done as much research because I was still unsure if my initial idea was where I wanted to go. I now know that I absolutely want to work with the idea of the Earth’s rapid loss of helium due to inconsiderate human use. This is a topic I have been passionate about for quite some time and found this a perfect opportunity to reach many people since we are networking so much in this class. I even tried to start a Facebook page one time to raise awareness of this growing epidemic, so I figured this would be a great way to tie in the digital aspect of this course. It’s exciting knowing that so many will finally read my views and knowledge of helium loss because prior to this upcoming paper I have never actually expressed my ideas in an organized manner to an audience the size of Thought Vectors.

As of now I believe my progress is right on target!


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