Helium Inquiry 2…Inflate with even more comments!

1.         Every year on my birthday as a child, my parents bought balloons as celebration décor as I’m sure many parents do for their children. These bouncy pieces of plastic are filled with an element that allows them to defy gravity in a sense. This element is called helium. I was fascinated by it’s properties and how it was able to float so easily. As I looked into acquiring more knowledge, I came across something that saddened and quite frankly scared me a bit. The Earth’s helium is depleting at rapid levels. We are losing helium so steadily that in a few years the element will be extinct in our world. The intolerable aspect of this epidemic is how carelessly humans are still using helium. I want to find a way to bring awareness to the dilemma at hand and I believe the first step is to target those engaged in the digital age. After all, helium is a part of the Earth’s composition for a reason, and I fear that if we exhaust it’s entire existence then we will disrupt the world’s balance which could result in some phenomenon we are not yet aware of nor predicting since this subject is so overlooked. I will be fully focusing on the minute amount of knowledge spread to the public of rapid helium depletion due to the neglect of the consumer in order to continue using the element for trivial purposes. Citing specific examples such as walking into a Dollar Tree and taking account for all the balloons they have in that store available for one dollar when according to one of my below listed sources the price of helium filled balloons should be well into the hundreds of dollars.


2.         I plan to further investigate the issue of helium depletion through the vector of scientific research and reality research. To present this evidence in a paper format I will need to conduct research which I plan to take into three-dimens.ional terms and actually visit a store that sells helium balloons to see if they have any insight on the sales.


3.         I believe that if the public is informed through social media vectors then they will begin to grow concern and spread the word. Once the awareness of helium loss is ignited, I have no doubt it will spread like wildfire throughout the web.  I want to create a video that engages the reader of my inquiry through multimedia that predicts a world without helium in order to truly evoke the sense of urgency at hand if we want to continue living in a world where helium exists. I want to finally inform the public and explain to them why they have been in the dark about this matter for so long now.

What do you guys think? Please leave your comments, advice, critique, and concerns!

Source List (thus far):




3 thoughts on “Helium Inquiry 2…Inflate with even more comments!”

  1. I love how you began with a powerful anecdote, hooking the reader in. I also love the range of material you have to strengthen your point; you really know what you’re talking about, and you are passionate about it!
    I feel as if you can extend your preliminary source list, but as the name suggests, it is preliminary! I cannot wait to see what you are going to make 🙂

  2. I like that you are going in the direction of questioning why people don’t know about this problem! Researching how messages are spread effectively through media, and what has gone wrong with the helium issue, will hopefully give you the opportunity to correct the fact that people don’t know about this!
    You should check out some psychology papers or books about how messages get spread rapidly through the media!

  3. The issue of helium is quite complicated, you need to research a lot and have to go through a lot of research papers and books. Also, if you use the medium of web to spread the awareness then it will not work in poor countries.

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