Meta Cubed Concept Experience

Upon reading the prompt for this concept experience, I really enjoyed that we would be telling the backstories of our blog posts. When I read other blog posts, I see the final product from the author. What I don’t always see is their entire thought process behind creating their blog and what aspects they enjoyed in their work. I’m excited to read the posts for this week’s experience to see what kind of processes my fellow dreamers use!


I was weary of picking my most recent blog post just because I wanted to find something further down my list of previous entries to explore my progress thus far, but this most recent post ties in extremely well with this concept experience. It specifically touches on creating something more from a basic written signal. It is surprising to see all the ways in which this can be applied to life. I wanted to tie in some aspects of my personal life to this blog post, so I spoke about my experience in theatre and how an actor manipulates a written script into something new. A machine was used to type and print the script, but the actor can use his mind to bend the words and actions to literally mold them into something unique.

My favorite blog post was for the assignment where we had to choose sentences from our previous posts to form one sensical paragraph. To create this train of thought, I went to various blogs and pulled sentences. From there I tried to organize them one at a time to create something that made general sense. I was incredibly surprised to find that it was not as difficult as I had earlier anticipated. In my opinion, I didn’t think there was any way to logically piece together sentences from that many various sources. However, it turned out that my blog post pretty much made perfect sense! All the sentences I used were static in that they did not physically change. I did however manipulate them to have different meaning by their placement with other sentences. Once again this class allowed me to broaden my horizon and limits of thinking with a  surprisingly effective end result.

Along with the previous two posts, I believe one of the earliest posts I wrote for this class has a great connect to this current concept experience. It was forming a network through the web, but simultaneously thinking behind each kinetic action from site to site. The framework for the assignment was simple: make a list of sites you visited, record the time, and explain why you think each site took you to the next. That last part of the assignment is what makes it fit so perfectly with the concept of using a clay molding method rather than focusing on the technicality of the matter. I manipulated the sites by forming a chain of actions in which combined an expression of my personality. The sites broadly showed my interest of music down to the precision of one of my favorite artists.

The web does not control us, we use it according to our personality and desires. It has the computing knowledge, but ultimately we manipulate the computers to do what we want from them, custom making our world wide web experience. I like to think of this concept as a spider web. Spiders make webs, but every single web is different. They’re all webs, but each one is specific to the spider it belongs to, just as each web search history is belonging of the internet user.

2 thoughts on “Meta Cubed Concept Experience”

  1. I really like the image you paint with your first reference, as it captures the true essence of a metamedium.
    Furthermore, your final reference to the spider’s web is ingenious. I never would have thought of that analogy.

  2. The metamedium being a conduit for the concepts experience with the sentence mash-up is a great idea. It would never have been as easy as it was to keep track without a computer. And then the results were really surprising because they still had meaning.

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