Rough Draft

My literary identity is rooted in privilege and anxiety. I would consider my literary sponsors and experience privileged, it would be ignorant to think otherwise. I was rarely discouraged from reading or trying to expand my knowledge. I was never without resources, only motivation. Though my literacy learning was privileged it wasn’t without discrimination. Like… Continue reading Rough Draft

My Literacy

My literacy history is privileged. As a white male I’ve had advantages that others have not. Being raised is the middle class is likely a limitation to upwards mobility but there is value to the literacy I’ve learned from exposure to sponsors that come from my class and race. My primary sponsors were my mother… Continue reading My Literacy


1. Literacy is shaped by our experiences and continues to live through our actions. 2. literary sponsors are people, organizations, or institutions that facilitate literacy. 3. Our society’s literacy is that of goods and information but mostly competition. 4. Sponsors of literacy usually withhold information to gain some kind of advantage. 5. Sponsors have spread… Continue reading Literacy

The Writer I Want to Be

When I think back on my writing experience and my writing now, I always have had the same goal. I want to create a feeling in an audience, whatever it may be. I’m a cinema major so I’ve always loved watching movies. When I was young and still to this day I watch movies in… Continue reading The Writer I Want to Be

Activities 1.11/1.12

This prompt was difficult for me. My answer is a bit specific but I think it still answers the prompts satisfactorily. 1.11 I know a little bit about computer programming. Which shares similarities with the writing process in general. Both have can be stylized to fit a theme, while retaining order so the website works… Continue reading Activities 1.11/1.12

Activity 1.8

Reasons I write. 1) to remember things 2) to inspire myself 3) to calm myself 4) for fun 5) for school 6) to talk to people 7) to outline ideas 8) to organize ideas and the steps to reach them I write mostly for myself and for school. The purpose of most of my writing… Continue reading Activity 1.8

Activity 1.4

My most potent memories of reading writing or speaking were when I could feel the effect it had on me or other people. I didn’t used to like to read, I would much rather watch movies. But when I discovered just how influential words can be I started to take much more care in how… Continue reading Activity 1.4

Activity 1.2

The first piece I considered to be difficult recently, is a loose connection but I believe it still fits the prompt. A friend of mine is currently going through a messy breakup. He was kicked out of the apartment and had to look for a place to live. When talking to him over the phone… Continue reading Activity 1.2

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Does it make you sad you didn’t write it? You can change that. Write something better. Change the world. You are lucky enough to be in a position to do that. Make the most of it.