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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Academic Learning Commons, 1000 Floyd Avenue

 6:00-7:00PM – Reception, Academic Learning Commons


  • Robert A. Hill, University of California, Los Angeles

“On the Genealogy of ‘Africa for the Africans,’ 1858-1958”



Friday, April 22, 2016

The Depot, 814 W. Broad Street, Second Floor Space


8:00-9:00AM – Morning Welcome, Refreshments

 9:00-10:15AM – PANEL ONE: Garveyism in the British West Indies

  • Chair: Adam Ewing, VCU
  • Presenter One: José Andrés Fernández-Montes de Oca, University of Pittsburgh

“Garveyism and Trinidad’s Reform Movement in the Age of Black Internationalism, 1919-1925”

  • Presenter Two: Nicole Bourbonnais, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

“Our Joan of Arc: Women, Gender, and Authority in the Harmony Division of the UNIA”

10:15-10:30AM – BREAK

 10:30AM-12:00PM – PANEL TWO: Africa in the Diaspora

  • Chair: Stephen G. Hall, Alcorn State University
  • Presenter One: Robert Trent Vinson, College of William and Mary

“African ‘Americans’ in South Africa, African American ‘Zulus’ in America and the Global Circuits of Garveyism”

  • Presenter Two: Brandon R. Byrd, Mississippi State University

“‘A Colored Man Who Calls Himself Prince’: W.S.J. Challoughlczilczise and the Growth of Garveyism on the Great Plains”

  • Presenter Three: Erik S. McDuffie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“‘The second battle for Africa has begun’: Rev. Clarence W. Harding, Jr., Garveyism, West Africa, and the Diasporic Midwest, 1966-1978”

12:00-1:30PM – LUNCH

1:30-3:00PM – PANEL THREE: Migratory Circuits, Migratory Visions

  • Chair: Frank A. Guridy, University of Texas at Austin
  • Presenter One: Jonathan Warner, Indiana University

“The Development of Garveyism, the UNIA, and Black Internationalism in the Panamanian West Indian Community, 1920-1936”

  • Presenter Two: Asia Leeds, Spelman College

“Local Claims, Diasporic Consciousness: West Indians, Garveyism, and Black Citizenship in Costa Rica, 1930-1950”

  • Presenter Three: Pedro Rivera, Savannah State University

“Carlos Cooks and Garveyism: From Santo Domingo to Harlem”

3:00-3:15PM – BREAK

 3:15-4:45PM – PANEL FOUR: Global Solidarities

  • Chair: Robert Trent Vinson, College of William and Mary
  • Presenter One: Frances Peace Sullivan, Harvard University

“‘No Surrender’: The Garvey Movement, Migration, and Community Building in Cuba”

  • Presenter Two: John Maynard, University of Newcastle

“The Age of Unrest, the Age of Dissatisfaction 1920-1929: Marcus Garvey and the Rise of Australian Aboriginal Political Protest”

  • Presenter Three: Adam Ewing, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Popular Pan-Africanism: Rumor, Prophecy, and the Routes of African Garveyism”

4:45-5:00PM – BREAK

5:00-6:30PM – PANEL FIVE: Leadership Struggles and Rank-and-File Visions in American Garveyism

  • Chair: Mary G. Rolinson, Georgia State University
  • Presenter One: Jahi Issa, Independent Scholar

“‘Until Africa is Redeemed’: Marcus Garvey and the UNIA in Louisiana”

  • Presenter Two: Ronald J. Stephens, Purdue University

“Garvey and Craigen: Collaborations and Conflicts”

  • Presenter Three: Gabriel Selassie I, Los Angeles City College

“Rethinking Garveyism as Religion: Ritual Symbolism & the UNIA Negro Ritual and Negro Catechism”

6:30-7:30PM – DINNER

 7:30-9:00PM – Community Symposium: The Lessons and Legacies of Garveyism in the Post-Ferguson Age

Saturday, April 23

The Depot, 814 W. Broad Street, Second Floor Space


8:00-9:00AM – Morning Welcome, Refreshments

 9:00-10:30AM – PANEL SIX: Continuities and Legacies

  • Chair: Ula Y. Taylor, University of California, Berkeley
  • Presenter One: Keisha Blain, University of Iowa

“‘The Language of Freedom”: Garveyite Women’s Writings, Diasporic Politics and Pan-African Discourses of the 1940s”

  • Presentation Two: Michael O. West, SUNY-Binghamton

“Garveyism Root and Branch: From the Age of Revolution to the Age of Black Power”

  • Presentation Three: Caroline Shenaz Hossein, York University

“Garveyism in the social economies of the African diaspora in the West Indies and Canada”

10:30-10:45AM – BREAK

 10:45AM-12:15PM – ROUNDTABLE: Reflections on Global Garveyism

  • Moderator: Ronald J. Stephens, Purdue University
  • Panelist: Robert A. Hill, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Panelist: Frank A. Guridy, University of Texas, Austin
  • Panelist: Mary G. Rolinson, Georgia State University
  • Panelist: Ula Y. Taylor, University of California, Berkeley

 12:15-1:15PM – LUNCH


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