13 Jul , 2015  


The most obvious connections for me were through my family, school, and dance life. I had trouble thinking of the last macro level connection, and after asking my friend for help she reminded me of the connections I’ve made through my church. I think this connection wasn’t very prominent to me at first because the connections were not social as much as they are spiritual. My other macro level connections are purely social and biological.


My most significant connections are definitely through my family. On the micro level is my immediate family that I also consider to be my best friends. My extended family is part of the meso level, which I am also very close to. And the macro level are families across America. Everyone comes from a family, and that is what makes family relationships strong overall in society. It is something everyone has and everyone can relate to.


Most of my social connections come from school and dance. I have lots of friends from high school in Colorado, and also friends from high school in Fairfax, VA because I went to two different high schools. Now that I’m in college I’ve met lots of people through my classes and also through another macro level organization my sorority Alpha Xi Delta. Most people rush sororities to meet people and create relationships. This is probably a stereotype that sorority members get pinned for, but being a part of this organization does enable networking and creates an instant connection between strangers that is really a special thing to have.


As a dancer, most of my friends have been from dance because I spend a lot of my time around those people. As I’ve gotten older and aspired to be a professional ballet dancer, I’ve realize the importance of making professional connections with the ballet masters and artistic directors of every company that I dance for. Not only is dance a social place for me, but it is a professional workplace and creating professional relationships becomes more and more important to me now that I’m trying to be hired as a dancer.  The dance world of connections is definitely my reference group. On a daily basis I compare myself to my friends and peers and evaluate myself according to their vs. my skill. Training to become a professional ballet dancer is very strange because you work alongside your best friends everyday but those friends are also your competition. I’ve grown up with this so to me it seems normal, but if I take a new perspective, I realize how strange my everyday social interactions seem to someone who is not a dancer. My dance classes are a haven to me, but they’re also social capitol, which is an unusual mixture.


I think that having a mixture of social, professional, and spiritual relationships and connections is important in maintaining a good social balance. Finding a place that can be a haven or a bandage is also extremely important because everyone needs a person or group of people to be able to lean on.




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  1. rubybabe07 says:

    I love the picture you included with this assignment; I love that song! I agree with you about family as my family is a huge part of my life as well. I like how you stated that your dance friends are your best friends because you spend so much time with them but you’re also in competition with them as you’re all basically fighting for the same position(s). I totally get that.

  2. Nice group of connections, presented very well. Your text description nicely elaborates on the diagram.

    One small thing, the family branch in your Prezi doesn’t quite match your description in the text (the latter is more accurate, I think). Your role as a sister would be micro-level.

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