Summer Endings

30 Jul , 2015  

After a summer studying sociology, I can say that I’m excited for a summer without school for a couple weeks. Sociology has been a great summer class because in the summer (at least for me) there’s more time to think about the concepts and how they apply to your life. Many of the ideas that we’ve studied I will think about when voting for president. Issues like income inequality and the role of power that presidential candidates feel they have will help me in the voting process.


Studying the topics of culture, power, and socialization was something that will stick with me in my future studies and just life in general. When I made my autobiography video that focused on these three themes, I realized how engrained they are in my life and in our society. Most people don’t think about what part they play in their culture or what kind of power they possess, but I believe that considering these things helps to create a sense of self for each individual. I’ve begun to realize the power I have and I understand that that power creates a part of me.


I think that this course has also encouraged involvement in society. This has been a theme in many of my classes at VCU and I try to stay more updated on current events in order to do so. I wish I had been more involved in our twitter community, but Twitter is a networking site that I cannot connect with as much as other sites.


It’s kind of amazing to think that 8 weeks have gone by; we’ve learned about such a large part of sociology from epigenetics to education issues. My favorite part of this course was watching a documentary about the American Transportation system (it does relate to sociology more than I realized at first). I love anything about transportation so linking transportation with sociology was a lot of fun for me. I learned that almost 28 million children take public school busses daily. And that suburban communities were widely created by the expansion of the freeway system. The sociology of transportation was really interesting to learn more about and it was really nice that I was learning things that applied to my major even though sociology was a general elective for me.


Working in a group was not new to me, but working with a group completely online was an interesting experience. It was a challenge to get everyone to be involved and do his or her part and not just show up ten minutes before the assignment was due. However my group overcame these hurdles and created a great post about epigenetics.


I’m very thankful for getting to learn so much about human culture this summer and many of the ideas that we’ve spoken about will stay with me for the future. Now for some school free summer time!



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  1. Yes, you’re right. Because it was a summer course and the deadlines were late night midnight, we had the whole day to think about the concepts, read the chapters, research, and reflect on our personal lives and relate it to Sociology. I as well was very thankful to learn about human culture and it definitely has made me more respectful and appreciative about everyone’s faith and culture.

  2. Elle, enjoy the rest of your summar. I appreciated your contributions to the class. Best of luck in both your urban planning studies and your ballet.

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