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Felix Schöppner’s still life images are the result of meticulous arrangement
“We will never be silent again”: Vanilla Chi creates a downloadable poster about facing anti-Asian hate
Through candid film and honest photography, Juliet Klottrup documents the rural youth of northern Britain
NBC’s digital art direction team chats in-house vs freelance commissioning, and telling a story through imagery
Glimpse is a global creative collective using their talents for good
Monotype trend report shows brands banking on nostalgic, handcrafted and big type
Designing a restaurant experience which makes you feel like you’re sitting in a story
Studio Claus Due on working with Arthur Jafa for the artist’s new publication, Magnumb
The work of Kara Chin is a tremendous mismatch of sculpture, design and animation
“I just kept showing up and became part of their lives”: Susan Kandel spent 10 years documenting peoples’ homes
Chiaki Kobayashi’s wavy lines make for calming illustrative works
Lawrence Azerrad co-curates epic virtual exhibition, Designing the Future of Music
Asians, how are you feeling today? Gabrielle Widjaja collects uplifting stories from the diaspora in the wake of the Atlanta shootings
David LaChapelle, Marina Abramović and Nadia Lee Cohen tell their life story through music in Are We On Air? series two
Nuha Ruby Ra’s digital avatar runs through a dark, cryptic world in Run Run
Damien Jeon illustrates a twisted reality, as if he were drawing from a weird and vivid dream
“It’s horrendous, it’s constant failure”: Geoff McFetridge on the pain of painting
Learn AR, typography, collage and more in these free Creative Guides
David Palladini, Aquarian Tarot Deck, 1970. Morgan Press. More to see here: We are the Mutants
David Thomas, Arm jewelry, 1965. Gold, pearls, garnets….
We’re hiring! It’s Nice That is looking for a senior creative
Six Feet Apart Please is a digital time-capsule of social distancing stickers made over lockdown
Jobs of the week from Stereo, Found and The School of Life!
Jinhwa Jang draws abstract figures, neon landscapes and dystopian futures
Peter Blake collaborates with cycling clothing studio Milltag for a new capsule collection
Toby Coulson’s first film celebrates Britain’s older generations and the pleasures of dance
Elisa Breyer paints daydream-like scenes that contrasts our current and imaginary states of living
Studio Output on its matured and balanced rebrand of 3D motion graphics studio Found
Font Brief lets you find the right typeface by searching for its personality traits
Benjamin Wolbergs’ photo book is an inclusive representation of the queer community
Design studio Works on its metaphysical identity for the Gwangju Biennale
In figurative and dynamic paintings, Peter Uka depicts the scenes of his childhood in Nigeria
Fantasy, apocalypse and personal loss collide in Ioanna Sakellaraki’s photographs of Patmos
John Booth collaborates with Farewill on a series of urns promoting open conversations around death
Tat* presents the glorious detail of thrown away graphic ephemera
The depiction of “an unattainable chic woman”: Kseniia Grebennikova pays tribute to her grandma in her home town, Nevelsk
Plus Mûrs is a slick and experimental studio founded on a love for collaboration, curiosity and scanners
In the series Jayde, a young girl’s coming-of-age is documented through photographs
We’re here, we’re queer, get… better at representing us already
Find bold strokes and quiet landscapes in Sally Deng’s illustrations that look to create an emotional pull
Creative Guide: Express your personality through pattern and typography with Kris Andrew Small
Creative Guide: Express your personality through pattern and typography with Kris Andrew Small
DixonBaxi creates new design system for Hulu
Forget perfect lines, Kimberly Elliott’s jagged creations are here to make you laugh
Go behind the scenes of Wes Anderson and an Oscar-nominated short: Tickets are now available for April’s Nicer Tuesdays Online!
“With good lighting, an unattractive object could become quite sexy”: Introducing photographer Guillaume Blondiau
Rational Simplicity: celebrating Rudolph de Harak, an unsung hero of mid-century graphic design
A New Angle: My Runway Group on supporting young Black creatives entering the industry
Jazz Grant’s paper-cut collages stem from visceral and personal emotions
Just Checking In: Eight creatives collaborate on downloadable postcards to send to those you miss
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