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Throughout the entirety of 2020, Charlie Goodall committed to making a mask a day
Stefanie Vogl creates elongated and experimental typefaces based on emotion
Life inside California’s RV parks: Midsummer Neighbours captures the multiplicity of Californians
Mark Bohle and Raffael Kormann designed 80 posters over a year for Kulturzentrum Merlin
Ladybird Books updates its iconic illustrated What To Look For books, 60 years on
Wang Chen builds dark and satirical worlds that blur the line between realism and fakery
&Walsh’s identity for health food brand Plenty is inspired by McDonald’s
“Our goal is to democratise design”: Deem Journal on how it’s tackling systems of oppression
“Working with type has never been so direct and simple”: Lucas Liccini on how he revived 30 neglected typefaces
When is a piece of work disposable? Philotheus Nisch on tending to the “outtakes, leftovers and discarded variations”
Pentagram’s Sascha Lobe and Yuri Suzuki rebrand Midi, the tech that changed music forever
“I try to create the photographs I want to see”: Mayan Toledano on her lasting relationships with subjects
Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham are the first guest curators of Facebook’s Lift Black Voices
The Pink Triangle: from persecution to power
“A weird celebration of boredom and honesty”: Have a chuckle with the relatable work of Jess Warby
Where the Buffalo Roam creates a narrative-led, five-part animated docuseries
Cory Feder’s beautiful and expressive illustrations are born out of feelings of otherness
Pushing wild swimming into coordination, meet the synchronised swimmers of Henleaze Lake
“Never underestimate the power of a depressing joke”: Clarice Tudor on conveying truth through humour
William Mebane publishes a 64-page tabloid of a Trump rally in 2017, designed by Area of Practice
A New Angle: the Clear Water founders on shaking up creative education
Pink seesaws across the US-Mexico border win Design of the Year 2020, on Trump’s last day
Featuring discarded work only, ICBQ magazine wants to talk about rejection as a designer
Sameer Kulavoor’s paintings depict large-scale, bustling metropolises
Creative Lives in Progress is a vital connector between emerging talent and the industry
In collaboration with Gucci, A Vibe Called Tech calls upon four artists to celebrate the Black image
Depicting the nuance of identity within the Black queer community, Jon Key’s works are powerful and arresting
Cassian Gray celebrates the postal service’s ability to maintain “our delicate fabric of society”
Aiste Stancikaite on why she likes to draw in shades of red – and red only
Helmo studio’s Thomas Couderc designs an aesthetically pleasing book on Japanese manhole covers
Studio Nari creates campaign visuals for this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards
Marking its 30th anniversary, Dazed onboards Ibrahim Kamara and Lynette Nylander as the new senior team
Lauren Doughty on the creative excitement of combining illustrative crafts
“Good design is always marked by great consistency”: Studio Spehr and its ardent focus on book design
Bahati Simoens’ paintings are “a love letter to the Black body”
Jobs of the week from Tortoise, dn&co and Hingston Studio!
Dark and tonal, Carlos Jaramillo’s new work sees the end of a two-year long creative hiatus
Hardeep Sahota captures the first “visual dictionary” of Bhangra dancing
The Science Museum’s Never Been Seen website shows you objects with zero views
The irony of cuteness: Meta Mascot explores mascot culture and its more sinister undertones
Small objects and ornaments are illuminated in the work of painter Nicholas Farhi
Chloe Dewe Mathews’ looks beyond the bleak, dystopian facade of London’s river Thames
Zoetropes depict industrial evolution in expertly crafted Volkswagen ad
All in a Day’s Work: A series of animated shorts revealing the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life
All in a Day’s Work: Siqi Song explores the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship in her trademark fluffy style
Get nostalgic with these five websites inspired by vintage games
Uncommon and artist Saiman Chow build a “phantasmagoric” world for mortgage company Habito
“I am reluctant to show my emotions to others”: Vanilla Chi reveals her true self through story-led illustrations
Stretched and repeated, Dysfluent Mono is a typeface that embodies what it means to have a stammer
Alexandra Bowman on making her soft and painterly illustrations fill up the page
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