For my first work I examined a “Third-Style Wall Fresco” dating back to the first century from Rome, specifically Boscetrecase. This work was done in the Third pompeian style which developed from the first and second pompeian styles which came from rome and gradually shifted to pompeii. These styles are not specific to pompeii but […]
Art is essential when learning about ancient cultures and ways of living. If we could not study artwork from past centuries it would be nearly impossible to make notable conclusions on how humans lived and how society got to where it is now. In many ancient civilizations it was prevalent that once basic human needs […]
Semiotics Research: Ancient Greek Ceramics by Natalie Iman Ask almost anyone born Generation Z and they will most likely tell you that they read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan at some point during their childhood. This series, which quickly blew up and expanded outwards into numerous spin off series, was a story based […]
Ancient Greco-Roman coinage is commonly known for its intricate beauty using various styles from many artists. As Greco-Roman history is taught even in areas outside of Europe, the coinage is one of the main factors that informs people of Greco-Roman myths and the identity of such a rich country, including its cultural practices, prominent leaders, […]
Introduction Ancient Egyptian art is notably characterized by its prominent use of symbol, often seen in the form of hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs, although typically recognizable icons, do not always represent the image they appear to depict, and many are instead interpreted as phonetic sounds or alphabetic elements; others, however, are logographic, meaning they do actually represent […]
Alice Steffler The Ancient Greek and Roman societies were polytheistic and entrenched in what we know today as Greek and Roman mythology. The societies ran their lives and culture around trying to please the Gods so that the Gods would look favorably on them and provide them with favorable circumstances to live and grow under. […]
The warm lighting brushed onto the exhibits of the Greco-Roman art. Angelic sculptures lightly kissed by colors that belong to sunsets were captivated by starry eyes belonging to visitors amazed by their beauty. I walked along photographing the artwork for class, using all my efforts to capture their elegance. That section always seems to be […]
By Raymond Liu The VMFA had a few pieces from China in their East Asian Art section. And since I’m Chinese and know a tiny bit about Chinese culture, I figured, why not learn a little more about my roots? However, I was actually very surprised to find that many of the works that originated […]
Japanese Art By Hironoshin Nishikawa Japan has a unique artistic style. And the details that are put into an artwork is phenomenal. The artworks are curated in many museums because of such distinctive work. Especially in the Edo period, where most of the time Japan was isolated by the policy, their style developed. Personally, Japanese […]
DECODING SEMIOTICS IN ANCIENT EGYPT Quynh Nguyen  Introduction: When I assigned this paper I immediately thought about Egypt, one of my favorite places and cultures. Egypt is among the earliest civilizations, the country itself has rich culture and history back to six thousand years ago, starting with the Pharaonic, Christianity then Islam. The Egyptians were […]
Semiotics is a necessity for understanding societies and cultures. Linguistics, symbols, and signs are all examples of semiotics that we use and see in our everyday lives. However, not all signs and symbols are universal. A symbol needs to be learned over time and many cultures and societies come up with their signs. Art is […]
Early Chinese art expresses a love of simplicity, nature, and organic designs. From the Neolithic Period through the 10th century, popular materials like earthenware and jade were used to create highly detailed pieces for funerary use and religious purposes. Vessels and pendants, among other works, were usually minimal and reflected the creator’s character and philosophical […]
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Greco-Roman exhibit is chock full of work that has an immense impact on their culture and their era. Most of the art found from ancient Greece and ancient Rome was created solely for the purpose of worship as their respective religions were based in paying honor as a means […]
  Semiotics Research: Ancient Egyptians By: Lydia Shull For this research article I chose to go to the VMFA and go to the Ancient Egyptian section, I admire how much the Egyptians respected the dead and prepared their loved ones for the afterlife, often times including a part of their past that they can bring […]
Christina Sande Semiotics studies the way in which images and signs communicate their purpose to an audience. In the past, humans naturally formed relationships between their environment and objects or tools they needed to survive. Communication is an essential role in everyone’s life today based off shared symbols, signs, and basic semiotics. Before America was […]
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