Jiani Liu Ancient Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations on earth, was isolated from the east and west by vast desert. However, this isolated civilization thrived for thousands of years from c. 8000 BCE to c. 30 BCE. Religion was the main spiritual support and the foundation of Egyptain culture. The art of ancient Egypt […]
By Shayla Pham As I’ve grown older, I have learned to study and appreciate my Vietnamese background more than I have in the past. I started becoming more inclined to ask my parents and family questions about our culture and where we come from. Our home is decorated with Vietnamese artifacts and symbols that I’m […]
By Monica Jimenez Ganesh, also known as Ganesha, Ganapati, Vinayaka and numerous other names, is one of the best well-known, loved and worshiped Hindu deities in South Asian culture. As the “Lord of Beginnings” and “Remover of Obstacles”, the image of Ganesh has widely spread through Asian territory and is commonly found at the entrance […]
By: Lindsay Magnant Over the past week I’ve had the chance to visit the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and take a look around the exhibits to study the semiotics of specific cultures. I became most intrigued with the myths, ideologies, and symbolism of East Asian cultures. Specifically, I was interested in three topics: Noh […]
The traditional Eastern culture is more implicit than other cultures. Many foreigners reflect that Chinese people tend to imply what they mean to say instead of saying it out directly. In Chinese culture, expressing an idea directly can sometimes considered rude because in Chinese culture, people view manners as the most important thing in communications. […]
By Chuyan Li Thinking about semiotics, the most representative art culture that I can think of is the African culture. I am always fascinated with the beauty of their unique pattern. During my visit at The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), I spend a decent amount of time in the collection of the African […]
An Introduction Objects were of great importance to the ancient Egyptians, therefore there is much to say about their meanings. In this article I will discuss semiotics of the ancient Egyptian culture, but first I would like to preface this article with a brief definition of semiotics. Semiotics is a complex concept, but it can […]
Africa, informally known as the motherland. Rich in cultural traditions, heritage, and diversity amongst countries. I couldn’t help but stay away from the African Gallery at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Seeing all these forms of african art, displayed together in one setting, showed me how different yet similar each african country is to […]
Jaya Matteis The VMFA South Asian Gallery Although I have once before visited the South Asian Gallery of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, until my last visit, I had not realized how remote its location was in comparison to the larger, more European-oriented exhibits. The gallery was tucked in the back corner, up a […]
According to the VMFA, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Terracotta sculptures in ancient Egypt, Kush, and Nubia are well studied and well known. By comparison, far less is known, understood, nor researched about the ancient history and art of the rest of the African continent when it comes to terracotta sculptures. Recent discoveries across what […]
Hannah Hartstein The VMFA Egyptian exhibit contains a range of art that reflects ancient Egyptian culture and its symbolism. Ancient Egyptian culture was focused on themes of death and spirituality, and the art of the time showed this. The Egyptians paid homage to the gods and honored the dead because they believed in immortality; that […]
by Erin Christoph Ancient Greece and Rome are the two civilizations surmised to be the cradle of Western civilization and are renowned for their contributions to philosophy and science. Before there were great explanations for how the world worked, however, people turned to deities to explain the inexplicable. The gods and goddesses of Greco-Roman mythology […]
By Jingyuan Huang With curiosity and reverence, I went to VMFA to visit the VMFA African Art Gallery. The collection of African art in the VMFA regarded as one of the most comprehensive in the United States. During this exhibition, VMFA has over 100 multifarious culture collections, such as features figures, masks, textiles, regalia, and […]
One of the current exhibits at the VMFA focuses on Egyptian art, and provides a fascinating commentary on semiotics in ancient Egypt. Egyptian culture emerged around 3100 BC, with both its physical and spiritual characteristics defined and dependent on the annual floods of the Nile river. Egyptian religion was rooted in the belief that gods […]
Ruixue Cai     2019.11.18 First, these three images that I found in Virginia Museum of Fine Arts are bronze wares of the Chinese Bronze age. The age of Bronze in China through Xia dynasty to Chou dynasty. The earliest Bronze that was discovered in the province of Gansu is about 3000 BC. Based on the […]
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