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Theoretical Perspectives By Adam Stegall To describe theoretical perspectives we need to understand that there are different lenses to look at art and design through. To put it simply, theoretical perspectives are the conclusions that we come across when we study design through these different lenses. When we as viewers try to look at and […]
Theoretical Perspectives! By, Luis Quintanilla Theoretical perspectives! They’re my favorite light hearted dinner conversation starters. Firstly, because they’re a fickle bunch of ideas that hold no bonafide influence over designers and artists who can just as easily refute a critical analysis with a myriad of other theoretical perspectives. I believe that the never ending back […]
By Jaycen Mitchell The most important thing that a brand or company should think about is how it presents itself to the public. Brand names and their logos make themselves recognizable to the general public. Typography and symbols play a huge role in how the public will perceive brands all over the world. Why is […]
By Jayce Nguyen Most people are already pretty familiar with the Latin alphabet, one of the most “widely used alphabetic writing system[s] in the world” and the standard script for not only English, but for other languages such as French, German, Spanish, and even Vietnamese. As the Latin script is so widely used, it is […]
By: Cade Gromos Throughout high school and most of our academic careers leading up to college, we are told that we should follow our dreams and do what we want to do. Although this may be the positive affirmation we need to succeed, we don’t always get the full picture of what our “dream” entails, […]
Jeanelle Estanislao Everyone has social media–through the different social media platforms, you can reach thousands of people. Social media has an influence on our behavior whether you want to or not. For the few people that don’t have social media, they are still impacted by the digital media that is floating everywhere. Something new is […]
Shannon Baker As health and wellness becomes increasingly important to people, they become more conscious about the ingredients in their products. As a result, they also care about the details of the production and packaging of these products. The trend of “going green” is no longer just seen as a niche trend, it is becoming […]
The business world currently has a great need for designers and creative thinkers. There is a wide range of jobs for graphic designers in modern americas corporate world, from branding, to marketing to environmental design. Business owners consider graphic design to be a vital part of their operation and understand the value of a good […]
History of Awareness and Activism   Before addressing current sustainable design, we must address the beginnings of this social movement and environmental activism. Throughout the 1900s, many issues such as AIDS, politics, war, and social justice became prominent. The amount of attention payed towards environmental issues fluctuated greatly. The 70s were a very revolutionary time […]
Depending on who you ask, there is a right way and a wrong way of approaching a design challenge. The concept of learning and practicing a universal design process has been pushed onto new designers and goes unquestioned. Why is such a creatively based profession and practice taught a “one size fits all” approach and […]
Graphic Designers work with clients and brands to create a cohesive feel or aesthetic for a business. Designers have that understanding of what people are drawn to and the importance of what color means to people in choosing products to buy. There is an important psychology to designing for a brand that goes far beyond […]
Color schemes from the past are very influential for graphic design today and always will be. Having knowledge of how colors work together, why we see color, and past design usage are very important as a designer. In order for humans to see color, light passes through the cornea, making its way to the back […]
Universal design is the concept that all designed things should be accessible to the greatest extent possible to anyone despite age, ability, or status. This shift in design thinking first caught fire in 1963 when Selwyn Goldsmith put out “Designing for the Disabled” which pioneered the barrier free school of thought which fought for those […]
In 2019 people, especially non-creatives and non-designers are aware of the design industry, at least more so than they were ten or twenty years ago. This new heightened awareness of design has led this fad term known as “design thinking.” If you’ve never heard of it, I am sure you’re thinking, what exactly is design […]
Graphic Design in Brand Inclusivity Inclusive brands are brands which attempt to connect to a large audience through an emotional connection. Rather than considering these brands rationally, consumers have an emotional connection to them similar to their favorite cultural icons. Examples are brands such as Nike and Google, which have moved from the rational world […]
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