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Graphic Design : Brand Identity in Luxury Merchandise Elizabeth Yoo Inclusivity is often associated with words and images that show diversity among people. Inclusivity is becoming the new exclusive and is no longer just a trend, but a movement. Brands aim to makes changes to coin themselves as inclusive brands by creating an equitable representation […]
How to better your Creative progress? By D’Nia Shillingford There are many ways to go about your creative process. However, what are you doing to better your process? Understanding this is important because creative thinking is one of the most useful skills you can possess. Creativity is like a muscle. It must be stretched, challenged, […]
  The Complexities of Movie Posters As designers, it may seem very difficult to understand why these poster designers almost seem to settle and play it safe when it comes to designing posters, but the truth is that they don’t have much control over the matter. The truth is that movie posters can be very […]
By Elizabeth Oliver Album cover design has been a special piece of the experience and culture of musical history. From personal experience, the first impression of a new album I come across is drawn directly from the art on the cover. I find it exciting to come across albums with interesting and different art on […]
Cliches and Themes Involved in the Movie Posters Rutuja Nagulpelli/ November 14, 2019 Our presentation was about how the movie posters evolved from the 19th century till now. In that, my part was to talk about some of the cliches involved and about the movie posters and some of the themes involved in them. Cliches […]
Alternative Album Covers Ana Campos   Alternative Rock Alternative music has been around since the 80s though it hasn’t become mainstream until the 90s and early 2000s. The genre itself is split into multiple subgenres from alternative pop to alternative r&b. I will be covering the album designs and graphics from three of my personal […]
The Slowing Evolution of Film Poster Design Throughout the Decades Sophie Nguyen It is said that one cannot judge a book by its cover but it is known that everyone does that anyway. The same could be said about film posters. The main purpose of a film poster is to sell the movie, but also […]
By Sarah Richardson When questioned about the importance of album covers, Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols said, “If people bought the records for the music, this thing would have died a death long ago” (Dean & Howells p 23). The effectiveness of music in an album relies considerably on the cover. People place great […]
Color is what you see when light is reflected. Color is subjective and based off personal emotions. Color is used as a tool to influence the viewer in design. Color plays such a major role in our society. There’s a lot of history, science, and psychology behind color. In my group’s presentation we dived into […]
By Petra Tuzun Sans serif is one of the easiest fonts to read. Brands and businesses have become aware of the simplicity and steady reading rhythm of this font. With this in mind, they have taken into account the science and psychology that backs the heightened usage of sans serif, such as cognitive reading abilities […]
Setting The Tone of The 1950s This is postwar America, the suburbs, mid-century modern, rock & roll, and a time of optimism. Some inventions of this decade include the first wireless tv remote, the first non-stick pan, the first widely used credit card, velcro, and the first videotape recorder. Main Design Themes of The 50s […]
By Aliza Bucci Sans-serif, also known as the “modern” style of typography, was first documented in 1723 by a Scottish scholar, Thomas Dempster. This “modern” styling began in the Republic of France, when people in the art, architecture, and typography world were either clinging to old ideas, or trying out new designs, or attempting the […]
By: Hannah Hartstein The use of sans serif fonts are becoming increasingly prevalent in the design world today. Through its widespread use in digital media, combined with the simplification logos and type used by many companies, it is evident that there must be a benefit to this transition. Sans serif fonts have a high quality […]
By Raymond Liu The role of designers have always been deeply rooted in the climate of the world around it, and as the world seems to be changing faster than ever with huge advancements in technology. One branch of technology that has been especially disruptive in today’s world is advancements in artificial intelligent (AI) and […]
By Shayla Pham With technology changing drastically, artificial intelligence is bound to become a part of the graphic design process. According to Wes Taylor, a Graphic Design professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, one role of graphic designers 15-20 years ago was web design, but since then we have been displaced by easy-to-use templated sites such […]
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