Blog Post #1 Thinking Portrait

How does it feel to think?

When I think of this question I cannot think of an answer, but there is one, or is there? The thing is I have already done it multiple times while typing my answer.


To put a picture on it, thinking is like getting caught in a rip current. When one gets caught in a rip current one must not panic and swim against it. If you continue to do so, you will get nowhere and just swim in circles. Similar to thinking you cannot think too hard or rush because you will not get a result. Which is what I tend to do all the time. Personally, experiencing cognition is more important when thinking rather than finding the answer.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post #1 Thinking Portrait

  1. I love the image! — and the idea that you had to think to even question if you could write about how to think! Who is this? Can you put your name in the sub-title of your title so I can link a name to your posts? Great start!

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