Concept Experience #1 “Associative Trails”

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My associative trails experience is just as I described it in my first blog post, “Thinking Portrait”, a rip current. At first I chose a nugget about the Memex and since it was hard for me to understand I looked it up. Surprisingly, I found a video describing the Memex with a diagram and voice explanation even though the machine doesn’t exist. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to spark my blog, I thought too hard about it and got nowhere.

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Luckily I found another interesting nugget about photography, which I randomly connected to the human body. I began to search random words from the nugget for clarity and examples in hopes to trigger this idea.  I took my time and thoroughly researched both topics, found great links and added them in as I wrote my blog. When I finished I went a little off course and off topic. I started to look for sites with gifs and certain pictures that I could add to my post.

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In the end the metaphor I used in my nugget blog post was true. I said, “experiencing cognition is more important when thinking rather than finding the answer,” which works for me. English isn’t my strongest subject because of the way I think. Sometimes there isn’t always going to be a concrete answer like math, science, or history. When writing you have to use your cognitive thoughts and apply them, not just give an answer.

One also must not rush this process or panic. You will get no where, just as I described being caught in a rip current was like.

My results can be viewed below. After all the random searches for pictures and links, I finished the blog. Although there was a lot of randomness the blog sums up all my searching in one post.

10 thoughts on “Concept Experience #1 “Associative Trails”

  1. I agree completely, I do not think anyone should rush a process because sometimes the process gives more meaning than the outcome which in this case was true. Trial and error helps our ideas grow and evolve

  2. I also had the same issue when I was writing my nugget, I had no idea what to say. At first I thought that the section that I selected was to hard, so I decided to change it. However on my quest to find a new section I found myself on Facebook and I saw a link that was related to my previous section. After reading that link, my brain started to make connections to key words and started to do some research and before I could realize what was happening, I had completed my post. These nuggets are something that we can not rush, if we can not find a connection or we don’t know what to write we should take a brake and come back to the section after refreshing our mind.

    • Yeah and I guess you can’t really force yourself to elaborate on a nugget that doesn’t interest you. Just because I knew we were going to be taking a screenshot, I purposely tried to stay on topic with my search history so that it all was relevant.

  3. I know how you feel when you mentioned memex. It sucks when your thought doesn’t pan out like when you have this really cool idea, but nothing to back it up.

    I like your analogy to a rip current and I feel your attitude to thinking is pretty chill. For whatever reason I picture it as just floating peacefully down a river…..

    • Yeah it happens to me all the time…

      Thanks man it took me a while to come up with that one. I had so many different analogies but none of them were clicking. I finally stumbled upon rip currents and I was able to connect a lot to my thought process.

  4. I had the exact same problem as you in the beginning! I also started looking up certain words and things to help trigger something to write about. His writing wasn’t very clear to me. To truly understand what he was saying you had to think about it multiple times until you can translate it basically into your won thoughts.

    • Yes exactly! His writing was very unclear to me as well. What help me understand Vannevar Bush’s article was reading other peoples blogs. Reading other people’s views on the article really helped me understand.

  5. I agree with you on not rushing, although there’s only so much you can do to avoid it. Sometimes circumstances interfere and all you can do is speed through at the last minute!

    Not that I’m making this comment at 10:30 PM or anything.

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