The Inquiry Project: Week #2 + Collaborative Interest Inventory Process

The collaborative interest inventory process was a wild one.


Nonetheless, this post helped formulate a lot of ideas. Like I said early, it was a wild document. There were a whole bunch of different colors, comments, topics, categories, and commenters but now all of our class’ ideas are mashed up in one document. This way it benefits us all as a class and we all can have great topics. Unfortunately there is not a more organized way we can go about this process. I know Morgan had some problems because someone apparently deleted her two categories at the end. Regardless whether it was an accident or intentionally done, it is bound to happen.

This list of “umbrella” categories opened up so many windows for me. The category that interest me the most was controversies. Over the years I have always chosen to write papers about different controversies. It excited me to see dozens of different topics like cloning, army and drinking age, gene modification, etc. Since all of those topics were not viewed in the lens of digital media that is where collaboration came into play. Having other commenters in this document came to our benefit. If we posted a broad topic under a category someone else could come in and add to it. It my case I wrote, “Using trends to give notable people recognition” and Symone wrote a little side note under mine saying, “Includes negative recognition; hate Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus.” Although it is not the end result I, or anyone in the class, wants to write about, it shows how we can work off of each other and help each other out. Too help others out I also added little notes, random categories, and topics that came to my head. Interestingly enough I found Justin’s umbrella category about “Dependance on technology” to be very interesting. He got a lot of feed back and minor topics to use!

The only negative aspect I can think of when we are adding to this document is the fact that some topics might lose attention due to the mass amount of additional topics and categories. In general, this was and will be an awesome way to get everyone’s thoughts together.


For the remainder of the summer I am going to be on vacation a lot, hence the picture above! While on vacation I am going to be at the beach, on a cruise, and in other states. The topic that I am going to choose and will be able to research, even when on vacation, is Internet privacy.

I mentioned earlier that I was really interested in controversy and thought it was applicable. Since the Internet is fairly new there is a lot of controversy over rules and regulations on privacy. Luckily Justin already pointed out one area that would have a lot of controversy in his comment to me. He was questioning a line in my blog concerning cyberstalking. I obviously viewed it a different way than he did but both of our sides were valid. We could go back and forth at it but it will remain controversial because there is no real answer. He basically gave me even more confidence on this topic and controversy.

As I continue my research I still would like to know if it would be better to take a broad approach or just focus on one specific area of Internet privacy?

Decisions, decisions…


In the moment I am inclined more on the broad approach. Symone and Wuddy have narrowed there topics to specific ones. Based on there blog posts Symone is focusing on government regulation of the Internet and Wuddy is focusing on hacking, which are both points I would love to touch on in my research. On the other hand I could take the broad approach, similar to Morgan. Based on her blog post I concluded that she chose the broad topic of feminism. When looking at her trail through research she began touching on all the smaller parts of feminism which is similar to what I want to do.

Spongebob Essay

FWI: This is how I felt before, working really hard and feeling like I had not gotten anywhere.

Regardless I feel more comfortable in my progress rather than how I felt earlier this week and know I’m heading in the right direction.

4 thoughts on “The Inquiry Project: Week #2 + Collaborative Interest Inventory Process

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  2. Pingback = someone mentioned you in their blog (it looks like Imelda did). So they integrated one of your ideas in their blog post.
    LOVE the gif — decisions decisions! This is likely how a lot of you feel right now!
    Internet privacy is huge. Stalking is just one piece of it — a really small piece. Social media sites are obviously collecting all sorts of data about you — and marketers have access to it. Search for shoes on Zappo — and suddenly Zappo ads began appearing on your facebook feed. The computer “knows” more about more about your likes, your interests, etc and hence marketers can hit you with their ads.
    Some of us love this — Have you searched Amazon, for example? It will tell you what other people who have searched Amazon for the same item have also searched. It’s like the computer is nudging you to go find what they found — because it’s assuming you could have similar interests. This is the computer working for you — hence a good thing.
    But others worry about privacy being invaded. If you search diabetes, for example, will employers be able to find this out, make assumptions about your medical history?
    So start with researching some of the controversies around the internet privacy issue, and you’ll begin to find an angle or issue that really gets you thinking!

  3. Oh okay I understand what a Pingback is. I just hope I am doing Pingbacks correct. Is there a special tool for that or is it simply adding a link to their name in your post?

    The “Decisions, decisions…” gif was a perfect fit! I was just looking for random gifs to include and knew this would be a great representation of us.

    I am looking forward to reading more about this topic. Phew, I am actually making progress, usually choosing a topic is the hardest part for me.

    I will definitely take what you said about marketers and employers being able to see your searches. I will figure out how far these privacy rules go and read up on more controversies regarding this topic. After a few more days of research, hopefully I will able to narrow this topic down! Thank you for your input professor!

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