Nugget Assignment #4: “Ted Nelson’s Computer Lib/Dream Machines”

Ted Nelson’s writing was written with a tone that was easier to understand but still intellectual. He also illustrates a lot of his concepts, which make it easier to follow his writing. In his writing I chose to focus on the flip side of Computer Lib, Dream Machines. When reading Nelson’s writing I could not find anything pertaining to my research question but I did find something that “spoke to” my research.

“But today, at this moment we can and must design the media, design the molecules of our new water, and I believe the details of this design matter very deeply. They will be with us for a very long time, perhaps as long as man has left; perhaps if they are so good as they can be, man may even buy more time—or the open-ended future most suppose remains.

So in these pages I hope to orient you somewhat to various of the proposed dreams. This meant also to record the efforts of a few Brewster McClouds, each tinkering toward some new flight of fancy in his own sensoarium.

But bear in mind that hard-edged fantasy is the corner of tomorrow. The great American dream often becomes the great American novelty. After which it’s a choice of style, size and financing plan.

The most exciting things here are those that involve computers: notably, because computers will be embraced in every presentational medium and thoughtful medium very soon.”

“Technology is an expression of man’s dreams. If man did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone would inhibit the development of technology itself.”

The nugget above is basically the introduction to my topic. As shown in the past, computers have played a large roll throughout history and has proven to show a great part in our future. In recent advancements the computer proved to be a gateway to new realms of the human race. In my research topic it is the gateway between 3-D printing and the medical field where it is buying more people time to live a healthy life. With a combination of man’s fantasies and the development in technology, such as computers, we are able to print certain body tissues and parts to help people develop normally.

Based off of the comments on my last blog some of my peers did not even know this existed. This “hard-edged fantasy” is in fact developing right around the “corner of tomorrow.” To many of us this does seem to be a fantasy but luckily man did decided to “indulge this fantasies” and make it a reality. This outrageous idea is proving itself to be life changing.

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