Concept Experience #4 “Curating an Ultra-rich Enviornment”

v65oai7fxn47qv9nectxMy overview of using Twitter to communicate with my peers goes as follows. I apologize to some of my peers that I did not interact earlier because I was sick earlier this week, but I stepped into the Twitter sphere as soon as possible and got tweeting.

I started out by sending out a tweet to everyone in any class to follow me if they were taking the course. I got a few follows, a retweet and used that to spark my tweets. A few minutes later I started my searched and found three people I thought had similar topics as me. Two of them responded and said that our topics were a little far fetched but we could work together; I am still waiting for the third person to tweet back. After tweeting those three people, and finding dead ends, I resorted to posting a tweet basically asking if anyone had a topic that had to do with the medical field, 3-D printing, or even the integration of technology into the medical field. As a resort I had people tweet me and someone even recommend someone to me.

Here are three tweets that best describe my research topic research so far:

These first tweet represents me reaching out to my other peers after failing to find partners with similar topics. The second tweet is one of the instances where I thought we had compatible topics but in the end did not work out. She was nice enough to offer to work with me but I know our topics were too far off from each other. The third tweet represents one of my successes in finding a partner. She did not have a topic exactly like mine but we could definitely feed off of each other because of the slight resemblance in our topics.

Throughout the week I generally devoted part of my day to being constantly active on Twitter. For the rest of the day I saw my notifications going off but so I could actually focus and keep track of everyone tweeting I saved it for later. When I had some quiet time to myself I replied and was able to stay on top of things.

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To summarize my experience I wold say it was very successful. Other than twitter being filled with a lot of traffic I was able to find what I needed. Twitter provided an instantaneous way to communicate with my peers. In that process I was also able to “spy” on how everyone’s work was coming along. I noticed that a lot of my peers were able to find partners quickly because of their topics. My topic was out of the ordinary compared to my peer’s topics, that is why it was difficult to find partners.

One mistake I made at one point was that I forgot we had to include the #thoughtvectors hashtag in every tweet. Since I used Twitter a lot I just got wrapped up in the conversations and forgot to include it. I will remember from now on though!

In the end I am still waiting for a focusgroupfew people to respond, I have a few potential partners, and I found three people that have formed a group with me. The three people I found are Yusra, Ifrah, and Helen (their Twitter handles are @__yusraahmed, @IfrahAnsari88, and @helensayurikim). I will continue to use Twitter as a speedy communicator and to feed off of my peers ideas.

4 thoughts on “Concept Experience #4 “Curating an Ultra-rich Enviornment”

  1. I love this curation post Gerell. You show us the tweets, and we see some of the interactions going on between you. And I love the moving birds in this post. Is this a gif? Where and how did you find it? It’s such a perfect representation of a twitter feed — so quick. Glad you found some people to work with. Let’s see if you can keep up the correspondence. : )

  2. I wonder how many behind the scenes twitter usage there was. I was careful about including the hashtag but I noticed some of the people who responded to me didn’t.

    • Yeah I feel people did not understand the importance of using the hashtag once they found people to work with. Some of us, including myself, did not take into account that some people might actually be looking through the feed and might have not found people to work with.

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