The Inquiry Project: Week #4

Draft #2: Proposal and Thoughts on Design

I am slightly puzzled about how I should approach this assignment but I will do my best. My most awesome final project design will be put together with the following components I am about to list.

multimedia_storytelling-mainMy research topic question is, how is 3-D printing able to revolutionize the medical field and save numerous lives? I am studying 3-D printing because I want to find out why it is going to be a critical element to the medical field in order to help my readers understand its importance for the future of health care. Based off of this information I want to format my paper in chronological order of past, present, and future. I want to start off by focusing on the dull beginning of 3-D printing and the medical field, and have them intersect. Then I will continue on to talk about the successes today and its possibilities in the future. In my writing I will also include informative videos, quote doctors, engineers, scientists, etc., and include a lot of links. Overall I want this to look a lot like an interactive Facebook feed of pictures and videos with words filling in the spaces.

Newspaper+Writing+TemplateIn regards to the design of my final research paper I found these Multimedia Stories, which I have never seen before and were very unique. It might be too much for an Inquiry Project Final paper but I hope to incorporate some of the ideas from these stories. I want my paper to be just as interactive yet informative. Another online page design I found is this one about Bioprinting. The design is quite simple but still follows the fact that I want there to be a lot of interesting pictures that make you want to read more.


A great representation of design and more importantly writing voice would be this article. I really enjoy this article’s style of writing. It is very formal and is written like an article that belongs in a medical magazine. You can also tell it is a very intelligent article because of the vocabulary the author uses. I also like the fact that pictures are meshed in the writing. It is very pleasing to the eye and keeps the reader involve in your writing.

My final Inquiry Project paper is going to be an amazing blend of all the characteristics I talked about and I can not wait to continue designing and formulating my paper!

7 thoughts on “The Inquiry Project: Week #4

  1. “Print me baby one more time” — did you like these kinds of headings (in the chart?) Kind of light-hearted reference to popular culture references, right? Did this work for you? I like the simplicity of the visual to show how bioprinting works. Since I know little about this process, this was a basic, rudimentary explanation. I think you will have to provide some explanation of how this technology works as well.
    The title too, was catchy: Printing a Bit of Me. I think some of this can serve as models for you.
    I couldn’t get the last article to open and I’m really curious to see it because you like it’s “style of writing.” Can you email me this article (maybe in a pdf?). You say it’s very “formal,” but is it interesting to read as well?

    • I do like headings like that, they catch my interest and I am sure they will catch my peers attention as well. Yes I will provide more information of how that technology works.

      I sent the last article to you in an email. In total I have sent you three emails, in case you get lost in the large amount of emails I have sent you.

  2. Your topic is definitely on of the most different an coolest project I topics that I have read about! You question introduces two completely unrelated aspects and puts them in a interesting situation. I would never had found such a crazy topic. Your topic will need a lot of formal information, as its one that probably has been well researched and has had data collected.

  3. In the case of your topic, I think media and pictures would be key to expressing your ideas. I feel for your topic, you’d have to balance out between the media and your text in order to keep in interesting for the casual readers. At the same time, I think that if you talk in a formal voice you could make it seem legit and get readers to buy into the topic.

  4. I think you have a really good idea of what your final project will look like and you have some great ideas in my opinion! I’d like to have a style similar to your with a lot of links, pictures and videos. I’m really interested in your topic and I cant wait to see how it turns out.

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