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Screenshots of Ebsco research articles:

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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 4.15.25 PMRevised Research Question: How is Bioprinting able to revolutionize and be the largest impact on the future of medicine, yet in the end cause more problems?

Search Terms and Combinations: Bioprinting, Bioprinting AND Impact, 3d printing AND Medical, 3d printing, AND Medical AND Social, Bioprinting and Future, Bioprinting AND Future AND Impact, Bioprinting AND Effect, Bioprinting Ethic, Bioprinting AND Immoral, Bioprinting AND Stem cells, Bioprinting AND Future

In Ebsco I read through dozens of articles but only saved these five so far. I plan on rereading these articles and thoroughly dissecting them. The most promising articles I have found so far are 3D Printing a Healthcare Revolution, 3-D Printing: The Future Come Round Again, and THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE: Are Custom-Printed Organs on the Horizon? Based off of the skimming I did, these articles seemed to really connect with my question. These articles are going challenge my thinking and give me an intelligent perspective on Bioprinting. I changed my course of research to sway further from the teachings of Bioprinting and toward the social impact although I will still include a rudimentary explanation of the topic and examples.

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  1. Great collection here Gerell. Of course you will have to provide the reader with some explanation of bioprinting, but you are right: the reader will not be too interested in a paper that just provides “teachings.” Your question implies an argument will emerge — an argument perhaps about its great potential. But also your question implies you are open enough to foresee and argue for some serious concerns about bioprinting as well. Good work (and a nice range of search terms. Use language you find in your best articles as new search terms. You’ll be amazed how changing the search terms brings up different results!).

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