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From one of the suggested links, I stumbled upon the Information is Beautiful Awards 2017. However, I did not find all of the award winners to have accessible examples. For example, this site measures the individual scientific impact in different fields. The squiggly lines look quite artistic, but not intuitive for explaining the information within the visualization. I liked this site more for the visual representation of the journey for six asylum seekers. There is a balance between visual simplicity and explanatory text to understand the message. This Washington Post example is more typical of what strikes a balance between informative/educational and visually creative in support of the narrative. Call me academic, but I’m used to text as the main form of communication and visualizations as support.

As a result, my current vision would be modeled after the example of the Washington Post. A website wireframe would center around a narrative on public attitudes about science in the United States from the late 1970s through the mid-2000s. This might include responses to particular relevant questions from cross-sectional survey data over nearly thirty years, such as asking about interest or knowledge in scientific discoveries; support for federal funding of science; or whether science enriches our everyday lives. Survey data also have a demographic aspect that is usually interesting: do certain population groups have more positive or negative opinions? (For example, African-Americans have been cited as more negative about scientific research, which is attributed to historic abuses in human testing.) Elements of the narrative might include:

  • What is the overall trend?
  • What complicates this picture (i.e., certain issues or demographic groups)?
  • How might information be combined to present a visual narrative rather than a single aspect of data?
  • Why is this topic important? Is it possible to say anything about future implications?




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