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As part of NURS 664 Residency III requirement during fall 2021 semester, I served as a faculty facilitator for the Virtual Geriatric Case.  I entered into this role and responsibility feeling comfortable because of my previous experience as adjunct professor teaching various nursing school courses.  Still, I was slightly concerned about the amount of time this responsibility would require along with other course assignments.

I learned that reading and researching all the course materials in advance pertaining to the case was beneficial to grading appropriately and provide effective feedback to the students.  Additionally, being an Adult Nurse Practitioner provided me the opportunity to share my knowledge and clinical experience with the students.

Working with each student of the interprofessional team was both rewarding and challenging at the same time.  It was rewarding to see the gradual growth and understanding of the course content by the students.  Establishing a good teacher-to-student relationship in an online learning platform can be difficult. To overcome this, posting an initial introduction to the student and reading all students introduction was also helpful to get to know each other.  In addition, providing office time to contact me for questions or any clarification was important, and I made it a point to respond to email inquiries within 24-hours.

Lastly, what I gleamed from my experience was a greater appreciation for the “Interprofessional Education Collaborative” process.  I felt overall it was a positive experience for my learning goals and objectives.  I do look forwarding to applying knowledge gained related to teamwork, communication, and leadership to my DNP Project.



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