Borlu’s weird dream

The City and the City is a novel by China Mieville in which he gives a detailed description on the mysterious death case of a lady named Mahalia Geary. The body was found in the streets of Beszel by some kids near the skate ramp. After the dead body was discovered, the Extreme Crime Squad was alerted and Inspector Borlu and Corwi were given the task of solving this case of mysterious death.  I’ve picked a scene from chapter sixteen which presents the communication between Borlu and Mrs. Geary over the phone and an interesting climax of Borlu dreaming about all this at the end of the scene (Pages 178-179).

After having a conversation with Jaris, Borlu gets quite tensed and confused about what to do next in order to solve the mysterious case. He then calls Mrs. Geary, mother of the dead lady Mahalia Geary, in order to get some information about Mahalia’s close contacts. Mrs. Geary was quite upset and angry and she answered in very short statements to Borlu’s questions. When Borlu tells her that Mahalia’s best friend Yolanda Rodriguez was missing, she gets more hyper and upset. When questioned by Borlu about Mahalia’s close friends or people she used to frequently come in contact with, Mrs. Geary talks about a guy who used to hang with her but she didn’t use to like him and that she met him through politics. Borlu promises Mrs. Geary that he would do his best to find out the murderer at the end of their conversation. Then, Dhatt’s phone call wakes Borlu up and he realizes that all of that was a dream.

Borlu had a lot of pressure on him to solve the case of Mahalia’s death. The case was getting more messed up day by day as new information was gathered and as more people were interrogated. Borlu was sleeping and while sleeping, he dreamed of a conversation with Mahalia’s mother. I found that quite weird because he had never met her before and the thing Mahalia’s mother told him in his dream about Mahalia’s constant contact with a guy she didn’t like was weird too. All this shows how passionate Borlu was about his duty that all he could think of was how to solve the case of the lady’s death.

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