• Water Crisis / Water Privatization

    Click for Infographic Water Crisis/ Water Privatization     group: Alexandra Adesalu, Bria Gayles-Greene, Lauren Minton, Anna Boutchard

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Forest Fires, the other envionmental issue

Forest fires are generally perceived as being a negative influence on the environment, and anything in general it affects. While there can be some truth found in this, one has to understand this issue goes far beyond just the physical damage done. There are ramifications and multiple factors involved in forest fire damage, and how […]

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<a href="%20Permalink: http://rampages.us/goldstein2014/2015/02/11/wolf/">Wolves</a>

Killing Wolves Kill More Sheep, Study Finds

  Endangered species is not a hot topic in the media right now but a few decades ago the gray wolf was nearly driven to extinction. In North and Midwest America they were killed off by hunters and poison until the reach minuscule numbers in the 1970s. They were put on the endangered species list […]

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windmills are great

Wind Power

Attached is a link to our interactive map with information about wind power. The red markers have information about the history of wind power and a few record holding areas. The bright green markers are the effects of onshore wind turbines and agriculture. Purple is off shore effects. Greenish blue has information on government regulations. The yellow […]

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