The author begins by stating a quote from a song “I beg your pardon, but I never promised you a rose garden”. I thought this was a good way to show ones discontent with the United States’ free market. The article begins by stating that freedom lone will not solve all of our problems, and it even ignores certain social and financial problems many face in the USA. The author’s critique of libertarianism and the way that it glorifies the free market into an unrealistically effective socio-political and economic paradigm highlights another issue of spreading misinformation. The problems being caused by the free market is being ignored by those who benefit as well as those who are so in support of the free market and the idea that capitalism is the only natural way for a country to function. The naturalization and romance associated with the idea of success in the free market causes many in the general population to be apathetic or uneducated on important matters pertaining to changing our country’s system of economics.

The article goes on to say that Libertarians even take it as far as saying that the free market is the answer to all of our problems. Here the author states “As I say, some libertarians strangely seem to want to downplay the deep distorting effects of government intervention and act as though the free market would make things right almost instantaneously. So, for example, when they talk about abolishing welfare-state programs, they imply that a seamless transition to a fully voluntary “safety net” would follow. But for decades the welfare state has made people (low- and middle-income) dependent on the government for, say, retirement benefits and medical care, and it has accustomed others to believe that the government will take care of people who can’t look after themselves”, which there is no evidence to support that such a safety net will exist with more government intervention. The article sources another named “Markets not Capitalism”, which describes the idea of a decentralized, spontaneous market that is different from capitalism but still uses some of the same key concepts of economic jurisprudence.

I feel that the author’s argument that libertarians use misleading rhetoric might make the author sound slightly aggressive, I feel the points he makes about their logic are reasonable. Libertarian philosophy may have a tendency to steer away from its own goals, in the direction of a more government controlled, centralized government. The article goes on to state that governmental institutions designed to help the general population financially and allow small businesses to thrive would not be as effective as they have in the past.

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