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Part 3: Neoliberalism

SNOW DAYZ: After sledding, or drinking hot chocolate, or whatever it is that you are doing in the snow, get together with some friends and classmates and watch this movie (its about 1 hour long): All Watched Over by Machines of Love and Grace Part 1

February 26th: Major Research Project Summary/Proposal Due (individual and group)

8a.) March 3

Hester Eisenstein: Feminism Seduced Ch 1
Mann: Disassembly Required Ch 3 (bottom of 68 – 74)
David McNally: Global Slump (pp33-36)
David McNally: Global Slump (pp42-50)
Mann: Disassembly Required Ch 5 (141-150)

Read some – but not all – of the following. Enough to understand what NAFTA and TPP are about.
NAFTA 20 Years Later
Critique of NAFTA (this is a bit long, just sift through enough of it to get an idea of the different critiques)
Trans-Pacific Partnership and its Critics
Critique of Trans-Pacific Partnership
Inclass movie: The White House on the TPP

8b.) March 5
First Blogging Period Ends
Major Research Project: Bibliography and Initial Thoughts Due (individual and group)

Patel: The Value of Nothing Ch 5, p. 74 – 84
Hester Eisenstein: Feminism Seduced Ch 4
Sarah Jaffe: Trickle Down Feminism
Joanna Brenner and Maria Ramas: Rethinking Women’s Oppression. NLR (This is the whole article, but we’ll only be discussing: pp 46-63)

Here’s a video of Milton Friedman to watch in class

9a.) March 10 — NO CLASS // Spring Break

9b.) March 12 — NO CLASS // Spring Break

Part 4: From the perspective of the marginalized and dispossessed

10a.) March 17 [We will discuss the readings from March 5th here]

March 17th: Georgia, Kira, Mitchie

Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow Ch 1

10b.) March 19 [we will discuss the readings from March 17th and March 19th]

March 19th: Olivia, Stefan, Ashleigh

Wacquant: Deadly Symbiosis
Undocumented workers’ grim reality
Qatar’s world cup slaves

Recommended: Gabrial Winant: Slave Capitalism

March 20 (Fri): Last day to withdraw

11a.) March 24

March 24th: Kaitlyn, Andrew, Aaron

Gilmore: Golden Gulag (Introduction 5-27; 105-113)
Real Cost of Prisons Pamphlets:
Angela Davis: Racialized Punishment (96 to top of 102)

In class: Brief clip from Michael Moore about prison in Norway

11b.) March 26
In-class Movie: Life and Debt
Major Research Project: Updated Summary Due (individual only)

Hester Eisenstein: Feminism Seduced Ch 5 (133-160)
Charmaine Chua, In Non-Places, no one can hear you cry

12a.) March 31

In class movie: Maxed Out

McNally Global Slump: Chapter 5: Debt and Dispossession


Recommended: Ha Joong Change Ch22: Financial Efficiency

Recommended: Roy-Poverty Capital (22-35)(148-168)(217-221)

12b.) April 2

C.J. Polychroniou. The Violence of Neoliberalism and the Attack on Higher Education

Les Levidow Marketizing Higher Education

Lawrence Mishel. Failed Theory of Wall Street Dems puts Hillary Clinton in a Bind


13a.) April 7

April 7: Brittany, Emily, Stuart

Owen Davis 6 Ways that Neoliberal Education Reform is Destroying our College System

Vauhini Vara A Student Debt Revolt Begins

Astra Taylor Education with a Debt Sentence


13b.) April 9
In class: Cameron Herold Ted Talk

April 9th: Taylor, Kristin, Ryan

Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron The Californian Ideology
Jordan Weismann. Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate White Privledge
Christopher Newfield. The Structure and Silence of the Cognitariat

14a.) April 14

April 14th: Dayana, Jennifer, Jamie, Kayla

Paul Mattick Jr, Risky Business and Ups and Downs,
Mann: Disassembly Required Ch 4 (92-104)
Mann: Disassembly Required Ch 6 – Finance/Crisis
McNally: Global Slump Ch4: Finance/Crisis (97-112)

14b.) April 16

Farrel: Capitalists are destroying capitalism along with the planet
John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark: The Paradox of Wealth (first section and last section only)

15a.) April 21 (AAG)
In class Movie: TBD

15b.) April 23 (AAG)
Second Blogging Period Ends
In class Movie: TBD

16a.) April 28 — LAST DAY OF CLASSES for Spring Semester

Social movements/resistance – Readings TBD

16b.) April 30 – May 8: final exams
Major Research Project: Final Projects are Due (group and individual)
Presentation of group projects and individual research

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