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Save the Planet

The most interesting part of this course for me was actually towards the end when we were learning about renewable energy sources and climate change.  The earth currently has a CO2 level of approximately 400 parts per minute and unfortunately it is increasing every year due to the greenhouse effect. As a result, this makes the earth hotter and hotter and is causing detrimental results to our environment. Some of the indicators are: high humidity, increase in temperature over the oceans, increase in sea level, increase and ocean heat content and decreases in ice structures such as glaciers and sea ice. In class we were shown a very unfortunate photo of a glacier in Montana completely disappeared within a span of only 82 years. Imagine how long it will be before much of our worlds beautiful ice structures and masses are completely gone?   Since the Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century, CO2 levels have increased incredibly and it is really harming our earth. Gases such as methane, ethane, and propane all are natural gases that burn cleaner than CO2 and can be a bit better for the environment. Currently Fossil Fuels (Oil, Gas, and Coal) are the main sources of energy in the world today however by the year 2088 Fossil Fuels are expected to run out. However, by then, will we even be around? It is so important to get started now with keeping the earth clean and healthy for ourselves, our earthling counterparts such as the plants and animals, and our future generations. Biodiesel fuel, made from lipids, is a cleaner fuel as well. There are so many alternative methods of energy available to us, many of which we have learned in class. Solar Energy for instance provides the earth with as much energy every hour as human civilization uses every YEAR. There are definitely imperfections to renewable energy sources but they are workable if we really work to implement them. In San Francisco, they have passed a new law that requires all new buildings to install solar panels. Maybe if we start small within our country and track successes and failures we can really move forward with renewable sources. I am sure this is what has been done for many years as companies like Tesla and Honda tweak and create new and improved environmentally “friendlier” cars. Just as we rapidly adjusted over the years to this industrialized world we live in now, I believe that we can adjust just as easily to a natural and “green” world. To expand on Dr. Topich’s lectures on climate change and energy, I would include agriculture and fracking as other highly important industries to assess in our world. I appreciated this part of the course the most because it is something very relevant to us today and also, as “the youth” I believe that it is our duty to keep up a healthy planet in the many years to come.

Here is a kind’ve long but VERY IMPORTANT infographic from NASA on some of the topics I have discussed.

Final Reflection

When talking about UNIV 200, my experience in it seems very different from everyone else’s experience. I told someone about how I watched a movie in UNIV and the person told me I was lucky because in their UNIV class, they had to work on their papers. That movie wasn’t just something to pass the time though, it was something that would teach a lesson in a memorable way. Instead of just writing a paper in class, I feel like I learned the basics behind writing a paper. The movie was about street artists and the cameraman who documented it all. The man with the camera turned out to be a crappy movie maker and it just goes to show that we all see the same thing but how the story is told is what matters. We all have access to the same research but it is how we present research that makes or breaks an argument.

One class we had to look at different court cases about plagiarism and my group and I chose to do it on Harry Potter. Turns out JK Rowling was in question for plagiarizing the idea about a wizard in a wizard tournament with chess. My group and I tried to find the date of the court trial and we consulted three different sites that had three different dates. That really opened our eyes to how sources need to be checked for credibility since sites can put just about anything on their sites and people will probably believe them if they don’t check other sources. That day also showed me that research is already present, and that ideas for research projects can’t exactly be completely original. We must depend on other people’s knowledge to provide a good research paper which means making sure we have the most accurate information from actual sources.

There was one class where everyone was given three words. For one word we had to get our partners to guess it through the use of spoken word, the next word was shown through a drawing, and the third with clay. This showed me how different mediums can project a desired outcome while some mediums are more difficult and less effective. This showed that no matter what research I may have, the way I present it can mess up the entire message or make it easier for people to understand.

Another friend had his paper due about a week ago. The day his paper was due, he was working on it and then a friend of his hit her head and he had to drive her to the hospital. He couldn’t finish his paper and ended up turning it in with 5 out of the 10 required pages. My class was given the entire semester to work on the paper, and it took me up until yesterday to finish it. At least I can say I have all ten pages and I was allowed time for error unlike my friend. This makes me believe that research, good research takes time.

My research paper was on social setting and how it effects behavior. The main argument was that free will was insignificant to social setting when it comes to human behavior. I talk about how deindividualization occurs within a group and when identities are lost behind a computer screen. This decreases moral behavior whereas when people are surveyed with their identity intact, they perform better. I believe my paper provides good examples of how anonymity encourages immoral behavior while being surveyed encourages moral behavior. I contribute to the topic with my extensive research on the different environmental effects on behavior. I chose to represent my paper in video format comprised of pictures to show every aspect of my paper. Pictures are my favorite medium to represent information with a voice overlay. A picture speaks a thousand words and I believe the pictures will be able to represent more than anything that is only spoken.

The progress I have made in this class include opening my eyes to media and how media representation can be far from the glorified. I progressed to realize that I struggle with ten pages worth of writing. I had trouble finishing my paper by the original deadline. Other classes had taken over my time and I should have managed my time better. I feel like I’m a strong research questioner. From the exercise we did by observing a scene for ten minutes, I was able to obtain quite a few amount of quality questions if I do say so myself. I wish I was more successful in my time my arguments and keeping them on track and not going all over the place with my research. I wanted to include something sociological like how media affects behavior but that did not fit in with anonymity or lack of. I could have talked about how different media present different things, such as ideal body image, and how people will change to obtain what is presented in the media. This change of behavior is due to the social setting where unobtainable goals are shown, but I could not use it because it had nothing to do with anonymity.

I went to every class and I believe I did learn something from every class that had a lesson. I believe I demonstrated the things I learned by presenting my information in an order I hoped would represent my research well so that readers would find it easy to understand. I told the story through my lens to prove the argument presented in my final paper. I tried to show the bigger picture of the effect of environment on behavior by presenting the little arguments to make up the collective whole.

I’m pretty proud of my work. As we had peer reviews of our papers, I had one reviewer tell me that she really like my topic and where the paper was going. I believe my topic is relevant and interesting to my target audience. I provided examples from current tv shows and this reviewer told me she never knew the information I gave in my intro. I believe my topic educates people on human behavior, which was my goal in all of this.

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