Hi… Welcome… Please, take a seat.

Hi there! I’m not a bike messenger by day or an aspiring actor by night, but this is a website. I don’t live in Los Angeles, and I don’t have a great dog named Jack, and I’d like piƱa coladas if my head didn’t hurt all the time.

I grew up in Short Pump and went to Godwin. I remember when I told folks I was going to VCU for undergrad, some of my fellow short pumpers got a look on their face like they had greasy grapes or marmalade in their mouth. When I tell people in VCU and Richmond town that I grew up in Short Pump, I get the same thing. “What am I to do? I guess not everyone wants to be my friend,” I think.

I’ve mostly lived in the VCU/Richmond/Short Pump area but I have lived a couple other places too. I recently moved back to Richmond from Oklahoma City. I taught for two years in an urban public school through Teach for America. It was a really good experience and I miss my friends and students there. I’m really excited to be in school again because I like learning and I hope I get real smart and learn to do some good things.

Feel free to look around. Make yourself at home. This is your home now. Let me know if you have any questions.