Finalizing My Dream

Posted on 26. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople

  I found that Melanie’s map has some similar concepts as mine.  We both have the concepts of speed, communication, and display.  I like her concept of flexible tool which is very interesting.  She explained it by saying that Bush’s predicted memex and its many purposes are essentially realized  much later by Kay/Goldberg with multi-functional […]

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Mapping My Dreamers

Posted on 25. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople


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Personal Dynamic Media

Posted on 10. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople

     “What would happen in a world in which everyone had a Dynabook? If such a machine were designed in a way that any owner could mold and channel its power to his own needs, then a new kind of medium would have been created: a metamedium, whose content would be a wide range of […]

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Research Question and Prompt

Posted on 09. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople

Using heuristic to come up with research question/prompt. I am studying the subject of dating online Because I want to find out why I should choose to date someone online In order to help my readers understand the benefits and drawbacks of online dating. Research question/prompt: Why we should choose to date someone online.   I […]

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New Blog

Posted on 05. Oct, 2015 by in univ200wonderpeople

  Redesigning my blog from basic layout to a colorful, attractive look is kind of fun experience.  I think this concept experience is not really an assignment, but it is very important to my final inquiry project.   I like drinking coffee so I chose a coffee break theme. I went through some steps to customize my theme, I also changed […]

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